Sculptra vs Profhilo


When it comes to non-surgical skin treatments, Sculptra and Profhilo are two popular options that offer impressive results. However, they work in different ways and target different aspects of skin rejuvenation.

Keep reading as we compare Sculptra and Profhilo, helping you understand the key differences and choose the right treatment for your specific needs.

Is Sculptra the same as Profhilo?

We get asked this question all the time and the simple answer is: no, Sculptra is a volumiser and Profhilo is a skinbooster.

Sculptra is known for its collagen-stimulating properties. It contains poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a collagen stimulator. Sculptra’s PLLA microparticles helps to stimulate collagen production within the deep dermis. It restores the skin’s inner structure and volume, and this gradual increase in collagen leads to natural looking results that can last for up to 2 years or more.

Profhilo, on the other hand, is often referred to as a “bio-remodelling” treatment. It contains high-concentration hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the skin, which helps improve skin hydration, elasticity, and overall texture. Profhilo is designed to provide a deep hydration boost, making the skin look fresher and more youthful.

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What’s the difference between Dermal Fillers and Sculptra?

Yes, this is meant to be about Profhilo vs Sculptra, but we need to mention Dermal Fillers before we go on. There is a common misconception online that Sculptra is a Dermal Filler, but it is not.

While both are injectable treatments, dermal fillers have an immediate effect that are designed for shaping, volume replacement, hydration and sculpting. Dermal fillers vary based on thickness, viscosity and elasticity to achieve different effects and can target specific facial features like the lips or chin. Fillers also vary by brand and material. They’re usually made of hyaluronic acid which is found throughout the body’s connective tissue.

In contrast, Sculptra replaces lost volume all over the face, working slowly and gradually to boost collagen and elastin. Dr Melissa Fitzgerald our Sculptra expert says:

“The fantastic thing about Sculptra is once you’ve had an initial remedial treatment, you can just maintain it with a treatment every 6 months or a year. I call Sculptra, the elixir of youth, and it’s really true. It’s a very special treatment and avoids overdoing it with fillers.”

What do Sculptra and Profhilo have in common?

Profhilo and Sculptra have a common foundation in that they address the underlying cause of ageing, not just the symptoms.

Patients have been known to opt for Sculptra or Profhilo as they feel it is a more natural treatment than dermal fillers.

Differences between Sculptra and Profhilo

1.     Treatment goals

Sculptra primarily focuses on restoring volume and stimulating collagen production. It’s ideal for addressing facial sagging and deep wrinkles.

Profhilo is geared towards improving skin hydration and overall skin quality. It’s a great choice for individuals looking for a more refreshed appearance without adding volume.

2.     Duration of results

Sculptra’s results are long-lasting, with the possibility of lasting up to two years.

Profhilo typically provides results that last around six to twelve months.

3.     Number of treatment sessions

Sculptra usually requires a series of treatment sessions spaced a few weeks apart to achieve the desired results.

Profhilo typically consists of two initial treatment sessions, with maintenance sessions recommended every few months.

4.     Treatment discomfort level

Sculptra contains Lidocaine, a built-in anaesthetic. You might experience a slight sting when the injection is administered to your skin, but typically, there is minimal to no discomfort afterward.

Profhilo is similar in that you may feel slight stinging or discomfort during the injection.

5.     Target areas

Profhilo target areas include the face, neck, hands and arms. Sculptra target areas include the face, hands, decolletage and even knees.

Which is better: Sculptra or Profhilo?

In the Sculptra vs. Profhilo debate, the right choice depends on your specific aesthetic goals and concerns. Sculptra is an excellent option if you’re looking to restore volume and stimulate collagen production for a more youthful appearance. On the other hand, Profhilo excels at hydrating the skin and improving overall skin quality.

Consulting with one of our qualified aesthetic practitioners is essential to determine which treatment is best suited for your needs. Our experts can assess your individual goal and create a personalised treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results, whether it’s through Sculptra, Profhilo, or a combination of both. Remember that both treatments are non-surgical and provide impressive, natural-looking outcomes.

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Sculptra reviews

5-star Trustpilot review by Nicky

…”I have also had a course of Sculptra injections, which have had an amazing effect on my face. Its not so much that I look years younger (although I do definitely look more youthful), it is more that I look really, really well, and many friends have commented, though none have guessed what has been done until I have told them.”

5-star Trustpilot review by Alison

… “I can definitely recommend Sculptra” … “It is not a quick fix but the results come slowly and steadily and I now have really learnt the importance of taking care of what I have. I also really appreciate the patience of everyone at the Clinic when I ask so many questions – and probably questions that I have asked many times before as well.”

5-star Trustpilot review by Sophie

“I have been using the clinic for nearly 10 yrs & have found it to be excellent. The staff are all lovely & attend to your every need from the moment you walk in. Dr Joanna who I currently see is meticulous in the way she uses the product (sculptra) on my face & always gives me exactly the result I want. She is so friendly too and I feel very comfortable & at ease with her. I have recommended the clinic to two friends who have both used the clinic.”

Profhilo reviews

5-star Trustpilot review by Hanna

“I saw Dr Joanna Christou on two occasions for dermal filler to my cheek bones, Botox for frown lines, and profhilo for the face and neck. Dr Christou was very gentle and wise. She communicated well about the different procedures – preferring to do intelligent improvements. I was delighted with the result and have had many compliments. The staff at the clinic were very welcoming and obliging.”

5-star Trustpilot review by Lesley

Had Profhilo and some subtle fillers for a third time. Totally trust Johanna and very happy with results.”

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