Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Package

Our unique triple-treatment and non-invasive body treatment package combines the highly effective trio of CoolSculpting, EMSculpt and Body Ballancer.

With over 20 years’ experience in non-surgical body transformation, this unique treatment package addresses non-invasive fat loss to contour, define your body, whilst helping cellulite with lymphatic drainage to create a toned and revitalised appearance.

Our Ultimate Fat Reduction Package freezes and eliminates stubborn fat deposits, sculpts to create definition and tackles the lymphatic system for an all-round result.

fat reduction package coolsculpting emsculpt body ballancer

Our unique three step process freezes fat with CoolSculpting, defines muscle with EMSculpt and decongests the skin with Body Ballancer massage and lymphatic drainage. Get booked in with our experts for a complimentary consultation to assess your suitability for our ‘Body Transformation Trio’ package.

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Ria Murch, our Senior Medical Aesthetician says:

“Our body contouring package gives patients a natural-looking outcome by ensuring areas treated for fat reduction by CoolSculpting are also contoured with EMSculpt, which enhances muscle tone and increases circulation and decongests using Body Ballancer. Each one of these treatments are FDA-approved and highly effective.”

Areas treated with our Ultimate Fat Reduction Trio

We can effectively target and maximise results for the following areas:

Benefits of our Body Transformation Trio Package

By combining these three powerhouse treatments, we target your problem areas with triple action and minimal downtime.

CoolSculpting Benefits:

  • Four to six weeks after treatment, fat freezing results begin to show, followed by progressive improvement for fourteen to sixteen weeks.
  • Treat multiple areas of your body at once with our CoolSculpting Elite dual-applicators for faster and more efficient results.
  • CoolSculpting reshapes, redefines, and recontours areas of the body that don’t respond to diet and exercise.
  • Once fat cells have been eliminated, their effects are long-lasting. Your results should remain stable if you stay healthy after your treatment.
  • There are many published clinical papers that attest to the efficacy and effectiveness of CoolSculpting.
  • The Cosmetic Skin Clinic has been named UK’s No1 CoolSculpting Clinic by Allergan for six years running.


  • Just four 30-minute sessions can build 25% more muscle, with no downtime.
  • Builds and strengthens your core and muscle strength in the targeted area.
  • Triggers intense muscle contractions, simply not achievable from standard physical workouts, equivalent to 24,000 sit-ups or crunches per 30-minute session.

Body Ballancer:

  • Stimulates your lymphatic system to drain, which is proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and poor skin tone
  • Enhances circulation which can improve fat burning
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Improves the lymphatic and circulatory system
  • Reduces volume, puffiness and water retention (which also helps weight loss)
  • Improves skin tone
  • Reduces tension and stress, leaving you relaxed
  • Promotes a healthier gut and boosts the immune system

Combining all these benefits allows us to offer patients a holistic and proven fat reduction solution that conveniently fits busy lifestyles with no downtime or recovery time.

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Our Senior Medical Aesthetician, Magda Szczukiewicz says:

“We target the three key areas to achieve body contouring: muscle, fat and skin. By creating this unique synergistic approach, we achieve fat removal, muscle maximisation and more results that are bespoke to each patient.”

How it works

Freeze fat and recontour with CoolSculpting

coolsculpting non surgical fat reduction package

The FDA-approved non-invasive CoolSculpting treatment targets stubborn areas of fat, achieving slimmer and more toned contouring results. CoolSculpting is the perfect treatment for tackling those difficult to reduce areas that diet or exercise do not impact, like the dreaded and annoying mummy tummy, love handles, muffin tops, double chins, saddle/thigh bags, and bra fat.

Fat cells are non-surgically frozen away creating sculpted physiques with final natural results being seen in 1-4 months. Over 50,000 fat freezing treatments have been performed at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, earning us the title of ‘Number 1 clinic for CoolSculpting in the UK’.

Define muscle and reduce fat with EMSculpt 

emsculpt neo non surgical fat reduction package

EMSculpt is a unique combination of radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM+) technologies which builds muscle. It’s the perfect treatment to add definition to your CoolSculpting results.

Decongest and massage with Body Ballancer

body ballancer non surgical fat reduction package

After your CoolSculpting treatment, your practitioner will perform an after-treatment Body Ballancer to encourage blood flow to speed up the process. The Body Ballancer is a specially designed garment that gently inflates and massages your lymphatic system to help the process of removing the frozen fat cells. Using the proven principle of manual lymphatic drainage massage, it helps with slimming and toning whilst tackling cellulite reduction and water retention. It’s also wonderfully relaxing.

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Body Transformation Trio treatment near me

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic offer the Body Transformation Trio treatment at our London and Buckinghamshire clinics. To learn about our ultimate body sculpting combination treatment, please get in touch with our team of expert and coveted practitioners.


Our London clinic can be easily reached by surrounding tube stations such as Oxford Circus, Baker Street and Regents Park. Trains are also available from Paddington and Kings Cross St Pancras stations.

Our Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire clinic is closely located to Gerrards Cross – Chiltern Railway, Slough First Great Western station. Thanks to quick transport links with the M25, M4, M40 and A40 roads, the clinic can be easy to reach from areas such as Richmond, Wembley, Kingston upon Thames, and Surrey.

If you want to learn more about our clinic locations and the best way you can reach us, whether it’s by car, train, bus or foot, see our dedicated clinic location page.


With CoolSculpting, it requires the body to naturally flush out the frozen fat cells and our practitioners give a lymphatic massage to help this process. EMSculpt stimulates muscle gain, leaving some patients feeling their muscles as if they are post-exercise but without any of the work.

The Body Ballancer ties it all together by improving the lymphatic and circulatory system, reducing post-exercise inflammation with the extra benefits of reducing water retention and puffiness, appearance of cellulite and removing toxins from the body.


Our Body Transformation Trio treatment is different to others in the industry as it is a unique 3 in 1 treatment that focuses on fat reduction, muscle maximisation, increased circulation and decongestion through massage/compression.

We prioritise people’s lifestyles by creating a convenient treatment that makes it easy and worth your while to achieve the best results possible. This is The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s speciality. Our team of expert practitioners apply our coveted ‘holistic approach’ style to every patient. We believe in diverse individuality, creating customised treatment plans that involve clever combinations that consistently get results with minimal downtime.

Yes, this versatile treatment can definitely benefit men who want a discreet and holistic approach to transforming and sculpting their body.

The ideal candidate is anyone who finds they have stubborn areas of fat, but want to get back into shape fast with fat reduction and muscle building results. You also have a sluggish lymphatic system that can show as puffiness or water retention or need muscle recovery. The combination treatment of CoolSculpting, EMSculpt and Body Ballancer are specialised treatments that address each of the above concerns and more.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic offers the Body Transformation Trio treatment at both our London and Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire clinic locations.

Our London clinic can be found at 98 Harley Street, Marylebone, London W1G 7HZ

Our Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire clinic can be found at 84 Rogers Lane, Stoke Poges, Slough, SL2 4LF

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