Hip Dips

Hip Dips are a completely normal part of the body's natural structure. These gentle inward curves below the hips and thighs are also known as 'violin hips' thanks to their curvaceous appearance. But for some women, hip dips can be more pronounced than normal. Here, we explain how to transform prominent hip dips with the help of non-surgical treatments.

Hip Dip Treatments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

If you are looking to achieve that perfect hourglass figure, then sometimes prominent hip dips can get in the way. Regain your sense of body confidence with the help of our non-invasive hip dip treatments.

What are hip dips?

Hip dips are hips that naturally curve inwards around the site of your pelvic bone. The pelvic bone is a bone that curves inwards, and everyone has one. But for some people, their unique physiological makeup can make the curve stand out in their skin. Hip dips are therefore a completely normal part of the body’s natural structure, and many celebrities are proud of having them, from Beyonce to Bella Hadid.

What causes hip dips?

The key cause of hip dips lies in the shape of a person’s pelvis, and how the surrounding ligaments, muscles and skin tissues cover this key bone. The pelvis has a natural indentation to it. But the curve can stand out depending on how a person’s subcutaneous body fat sits around the bone, and how their muscle mass layers up around it. In some instances, the curve can look more prominent than usual, making the hip dip stand out from a visual perspective.

Hip Dips Indentation

How to get rid of hip dips

There are many different techniques that patients can use to fix the appearance of prominent hip dips. Hip dip exercises like squats and lunges can play a key role in helping to smooth out the inward curve. But it is important to focus on exercises that work the entire lower body and hip area rather than just the glutes, or you may not fix the problem. Speak to a personal trainer who can assess the shape of your hip dips first before undergoing any specific exercise to reduce their appearance. This can help to ensure that you can rebalance the look of the hip dip curve by working on your fat stores and muscles which may be making the indent look more obvious.

Non-surgical Hip Dip Treatments

Body contouring techniques can help to rebalance and contour muscle and fat tissues so that the pelvic indent looks less obvious and pronounced. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we are leaders in body contouring techniques that require no surgery or downtime. Patients can redefine the shape and structure of their hips simply and quickly in a short 30-60-minute session to gain a more streamlined hourglass shape to the hips.

We offer CoolSculpting fat freezing technologies to slim down stubborn pockets of fat around the hips, and EMSculpt body sculpting technologies to redefine muscle tone across the hip area. These treatments can also be combined to achieve maximum results.

Get rid of hip dips with our world-class non-surgical treatments.

CoolSculpting for Hip Dips

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved technology that breaks down targeted fat stores using a patented fat freezing treatment. We can help patients to achieve an hourglass figure by reducing the size of fat bulges that may sit above and below the hip dip indent. By breaking down these fat tissues, the hip dip curve will look less deep and obvious and can help patients to attain a natural slender curve to the shape of their hips.

EMSculpt for Hip Dips

EMSculpt is an FDA-approved body sculpting treatment that builds up muscle fat and burns fat at the same time. It uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to contract muscles at a rapid rate in just one 30-minute session. Feel the effects of doing 20,000 squats or crunches, as the advanced technology forces muscles to build back stronger. By building up the gluteus minimus muscle that lies on top of the pelvic bone indentation, we can naturally disguise the curve while giving patients an athletic and defined hip in the process.

We also offer upgraded versions of both CoolSculpting and EMSculpt technologies for those patients who want to maximise results. CoolSculpting Elite leads the way when it comes to targeted fat reduction around hip dips, while EMSculpt Neo is the world’s leading muscle building technology.

Find out more about our hip dip treatments by contacting our London and Buckinghamshire clinics now.

What is the best treatment for my hip dips?

Your ideal treatment for hip dips will depend on your body’s own unique structure. Some patients will need to fill in their hip dip curves, while others may need to target fat pockets that sit above and below the indent. Others may benefit from muscle contracting treatments that will build up the surrounding muscle tone to fill in the hip dip void. Our trained clinicians will assess the shape and structure of your hip dips first to determine how your muscles and fat stores have formed across the pelvic bone. We can then put forward a relevant treatment strategy that will rebalance your tissues and skin so that the indent looks less depressed and defined. Two of our top treatments are CoolSculpting and EMSculpt.

Are hip dips good or bad?

It is important to recognise that hip dips are not a sign of being unhealthy, overweight or underweight. Everybody has the natural indent in their pelvic done, and if you can see your hip dips, then it doesn’t mean that you need correcting. However, some women may feel that the visible curve in their hips is stopping them from gaining a curvaceous and smoothly contoured hip shape. If you are looking to gain a curved hourglass figure, then the indent can sometimes stop this from becoming a reality. Also, some women may lose weight or increase in muscle mass around their upper thighs and hip area, which can lead to a slight distortion in the way that the hips appear. In such cases, the hips can suddenly change from being curved and rounded to looking bumpy and uneven. In these instances, we can use non-surgical hip dip treatments to redefine the shape and curvature of the hip area so that a naturally feminine and curved shape can be restored.

Find out more about our hip dip treatments by contacting our London and Buckinghamshire clinics now.

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