Fat Freeze Treatment: A Guide

Fat Freeze Treatment: A Guide

Fat freeze treatment can tackle unwanted fat pockets in specific areas.

Fat freeze treatments, or one type of fat freeze treatment to be exact (CoolSculpting), are quick fat reduction regimes. Results occur rapidly with no side effects beyond some brief and mild discomfort during the procedure.

On this page we will run through key details about how fat freeze treatment works, fat freeze treatment procedure and fat freezing prices, but first a word about our credentials and why you can trust what we say about this treatment.

Number 1 For CoolSculpting, Fat Freeze Treatment

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the number one clinic in the UK, western Europe and London for CoolSculpting and has been for the past six years. We treat the highest number of people looking to use this fat freeze treatment and our reputation across all independent review sites is unblemished.

FDA Cleared Fat Reduction Treatment

The fact we are experts in CoolSculpting is important. CoolSculpting is the only fat freeze treatment you should consider. It is the only FDA cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment and its benefits have been clearly shown in more than 50 medical journals and reports.

With CoolSculpting, the treatment is thoroughly researched and proven to carry out the intended task – freezing and removing fat in a safe way from targeted, treated areas. While there might be other versions of fat freezing that cost slightly less, they come with the risk of being potentially ineffective, less accurate and minus any weight of evidence to prove their suitability.

In the rest of this page, when we talk of fat freeze treatment we will only be referring therefore to Coolscultping. If you want to know more about this topic, read our What is Coolsculpting (link other article) page.

Who benefits from fat freeze treatment?

Fat freeze treatment is for anyone who wants to tackle fat pockets in specific areas. For instance, an otherwise healthy person might have a build-up of fat on their thighs, or a double chin, or on their arms, stomach or other areas.

A fat freeze treatment can target just one area, or be part of a series of these treatments to tackle a few similar areas – inner and outer thighs and the tummy region for instance.

We have a gallery on this site to show examples of before and after treatments.

Fat freezing does not, however, tackle overall obesity. It is not be a treatment for someone who is seriously overweight and needs to lose weight to be healthy.

How fat freeze treatment works?

Fat freeze treatments work by freezing fat in a specific area. The targeted approach can remove the number of fat cells in multiple areas by up to 27% within six months – this is significantly more fat loss than other methods such as ultrasound, as shown in medical studies.

The fat cells are not removed instantly. Instead the freezing makes them shrivel and die and they are expelled from the body naturally over the coming weeks and months. The results begin to become visible within weeks and then become more apparent as more fat cells are expelled.

Once the cells have been frozen, killed off and expelled they are gone for good, there are huge advantages to this as we will explain.

The advantages of fat freeze treatment

Fat freeze treatments are convenient; treatments can take as little as half an hour. Some clinics, including ours, are also able to use Dualsculpting. This enables two treatments to be carried out simultaneously and so overall treatment time is halved. It is worth noting that Dualsculpting is not suitable for all areas of the body, but we can advise on this.

Fat freeze treatment does not require recovery time, so you can go about your day after treatment. The treatment itself has discomfort so mild that many people simply read or even catch up on a little sleep during treatment. Any slight swelling or redness after the freezing won’t stop you working or doing whatever else you had planned for the day.

“fat is gone for good”

Longer term advantages come with the fact that the fat is gone for good. If you were to exercise to remove stubborn fat – and we in no way wish to underplay the importance of diet and exercise – you would have to exercise extensively and the fat cells would still remain, even if the amount of fat they contained was reduced. With fat freezing, the fat cells targeted are removed, gone for good.

Fat freeze treatment is also a treatment where there are no ongoing costs. Areas of fat are removed, there is no need to have the procedure again in six months or a year.

Cost of fat freeze treatment

The price of fat freezing will, of course, vary by the exact nature of treatment. However, our prices are fully transparent and you can see the price our fat fees treatment starts from by visiting this page. The fact we have treated more people than any other western European clinic over the past six years speaks volumes for our competitive pricing.

Prices will vary a little by clinic but it is worth remembering that if a clinic offers CoolSculpting at a far lower price it must be questioned whether the treatment given truly is CoolSculpting. If in doubt, it is possible to contact CoolSculpting as they keep a record of all clinics with accreditation to use their products.

More Information about Fat Freeze Treatment

There is a wealth of information online relating to fat freeze treatments – some of the links below might be of some use.

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