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Clear + Brilliant® is a gentle laser skin care treatment that improves tone and texture and gives your skin a radiant, youthful glow.

How you look after your skin in your 20s and 30s will affect how you look later in life so the earlier you start a good skin regime, the better. Suitable for any age, Clear + Brilliant is clinically proven to combat the effects of ageing skin. It uses laser energy to stimulate your skin to recover glow, luminosity and smoothness.

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Clear + Brilliant is a unique anti-ageing laser skin rejuvenation treatment that can help correct and prevent signs of ageing, and provide a noticeable difference to skin tone, texture and radiance.

A gentle yet extremely precise light laser that treats the upper layers of your skin, replacing damaged skin – such as through sun damage or melasma – with healthy, younger looking tissue. The whole process is comfortable, fast and effective.

Your practitioner will gently guide the Clear + Brilliant handpiece across the target area. The patented Intelligent Optical Tracking™ System ensures contact is properly maintained with your skin for a uniform application to all treated areas.


Clear + Brilliant is specifically designed for patients looking to take control of their ageing process early, but is also beneficial to men and women of all ages and skin types concerned about the signs of ageing.

Clear + Brilliant has been proven to help with:

  • Visibly illuminated skin tone
  • Renewed, ultra-soft and smoother texture
  • Naturally radiant and glowing skin
  • Improved tone, texture and radiance
  • Reduction in the appearance of pores
  • Treating sun damaged skin and melasma.

Results are immediate and progressive, with skin continuing to feel softer, look brighter and show more even tone.

Some patients report visible improvements after 4-6 treatments. People often choose to have routine treatments as part of their skin care regime. Results can last for months depending on age, skin condition and how well you look after your skin. Your medical practitioner will give you all the advice you need.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is essential to visit a trusted, trained and experienced practitioner. Dr Tracy Mountford, owner of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, is renowned for her expertise and natural looking results. She personally handpicks and trains all of our medical practitioners.

Anaesthetic cream may be applied to your face before the procedure. The Intelligent Optical Tracking System in the Clear + Brilliant device senses skin contact with the treatment tip rollers so that laser treatment is always carried out uniformly.

You need to protect the new skin that forms by applying moisturiser and sunscreen frequently. It’s best to avoid the sun before treatment as this can increase the risk of unwanted pigmentation. After treatment, your skin will be even more sensitive so we strongly recommend you keep out of the sun, and use SPF 50.

We will explain everything in detail and make you feel at ease and relaxed on the day of your treatment, knowing you’re in safe, expert and medically qualified hands.

Clear + Brilliant laser treatment is safe for all skin types when carried out by a trained expert who will first evaluate your skin.

After your Clear + Brilliant treatment there is an initial sun burn feeling for a few hours after. There is the possibility of redness for 12-24 hours, and some may have a rash for 12 hours. There will be sensitivity to heat for 24-48 hours, and we also recommend no sun or fake tan 2 weeks before or after. Your practitioner will explain all expected downtime in full detail at your consultation.

Anaesthetic cream may be applied first. Some people say they feel a hot tingling during treatment. Immediately after, you may experience some redness and mild swelling but this usually goes away within 12 hours. Some people experience itchiness or skin sensitivity during the following days but this is a positive sign of the skin’s natural renewal process and will eventually go away.

Clear + Brilliant laser procedures can be used with many other cosmetic procedures, such as fillers, Botox®, Ultherapy® and Thermage®

This anti-ageing laser treatment is suitable for both men and women in creating a more even skin tone, reducing the appearance of pores and of sun damage and melasma. We provide a discreet service for all our patients.

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