Fat Freezing At Home – Does It Work?

For your own health and safety, we break down some of the too good to be true, enticing products and offers out there. You’ve looked online for clinic fat freezing treatments but are not sure. Suddenly you get the idea of “well, can I freeze my fat off at home?” You think it will be less expensive, no hassle and you can walk out of your living room looking slimmer and contoured. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. For your own health and safety, we break down some of the too good to be true, enticing products and offers out there. 1.      Fat freezing belts Temperature control Through official CoolSculpting devices, the skin's temperature is lowered to around -11*C. To reach this temperature, the skin is cooled slowly and remains at the temperature for the duration of the treatment – there are other factors in play too.

Top 3 body areas for CoolSculpting at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

The body can have a few features we want a little help with now and then. At the top of the list for CoolSculpting is the abdomen, double chin, and love handles. Many want a smoother contoured appearance. However, sometimes exercising doesn’t work and some places are tricky to crop out of pictures. CoolSculpting has proven itself to be an effective FDA approved fat freezing treatment that gets natural looking results. We cover how it works, why it works for these top 3 body areas and more!  How does CoolSculpting work?  CoolSculpting targets and destroys stubborn fat. A specialised applicator is applied to the treatment area which will have a protective gel pad on. Depending on what is being treated, the size of the applicator is adjusted.  

Top 5 non-surgical options for a Cheek Lift

Every year, there are millions who are looking to reduce frown lines, sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles and lines. In that quest, the search for a non-surgical cheek lift option is constantly at the top of the list. So, you are not alone. Non-surgical cheek lifts are also known as non-surgical mid-facelift. The results are just as effective as a surgical option but with more benefits. Let’s look into the benefits of different non-surgical cheek lift rejuvenation treatments.  Core key benefits of a non-surgical Cheek Lift  There are many reasons why patients choose to go the non-surgical route over surgical. Before we reveal the top 5 non-surgical cheek lift treatments, here are some non-surgical benefits worth noting: 

Everything you need to know about Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

A nose job is one of the most in demand cosmetic procedures, but what turns many patients away is the risk of complications and being stuck with results you are not happy with. As a safer and just as effective treatment, a non-surgical nose reshaping, also referred to as liquid rhinoplasty, is a great non-invasive alternative. With a lot of information out there, we break it all down so you can make an informed choice to be an enhanced and refreshed you. What is a Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping? A non-surgical nose reshaping is a dermal filler procedure that can reshape the contours of the nose.

How can eye fillers correct dark circles?

Dark circles under the eyes are a common concern that plays on a lot of our patients' minds. The eye area is an important focal point on our face, and the addition of dark circles can dilute our overall appearance and even facial expressions. With several causes for dark circles, eye fillers are the most effective treatment to reduce them. We explain the ins and outs of eye fillers and why you might consider them to be the answer to your dark circles. What causes dark circles? It is a common misconception that dark circles are the result of a lack of sleep and tiredness. In fact, there are many causes for dark circles such as:

Everything you need to know about the Triple Layer Lift

We all want a treatment that really works from the inside out. Not just superficial layers, but deeper to the muscle layer. Dr Matt Jarvie-Thomas has created the ultimate 360* treatment that does just that. This combination treatment is a 100% bespoke and unique to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. It's the treatment you need to know about.   What is the Triple Layer Lift?  The Triple Layer Lift is a combination treatment of Ultherapy and Morpheus8. Devised by our very own expert Dr Matt-Jarvie Thomas, the Triple Layer Lift is unique as both treatments are performed at the same time. 


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