CoolSculpting Vs Sculpsure: What is the difference?

CoolSculpting and Sculpsure are two leading body contouring treatments that generate faster fat reduction results without surgery or downtime. As completely non-invasive treatments, they reduce stubborn fat cells across the body by destroying them with their cutting-edge technologies. These easy ‘walk-in, walk-out’ treatments have boomed in popularity in recent years thanks to their ability to cut through the fat and sculpt the body in precise and effortless ways.

Getting rid of Banana Roll Fat

Sometimes stubborn areas of fat accumulate across our bodies and can make us look or feel out of shape. One such area where fat can store is the area just below the buttocks and above the thighs. When fat builds up in this zone, it is called a 'banana roll' thanks to its crescent-looking shape. This pillow of fat just below the buttocks can make our butts look saggy and our gluteal muscles look untoned or ill-defined. If celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have inspired you with their toned and firm butts, and you want to achieve the same look, then banana rolls can literally get in the way.

Ultherapy Virtual Event: You’re Invited

Lift and tighten your skin with Ultherapy and join us for our special event. Ultherapy is the ultimate secret behind an ageless-looking face. A firm favourite with UK icon Tess Daly, the treatment lifts and tightens your skin in a single session without any surgery or downtime. It delivers a natural boost to your own collagen and replenishes it at a deeper level to lift and recontour your face in a natural and authentic way.

Thermage: Your Secret to Younger-Looking Skin

One of the top questions that patients ask cosmetic doctors is ‘what is the secret to youthful-looking skin?’ The answer often lies in adopting healthy lifestyle choices like diet and exercise. Think classic anti-ageing actions like defending skin from UV rays and the harsh effects of smoking and alcohol. Topical treatments like retinol cosmeceuticals and a good daily skincare regime also play their part.

Thermage and Age: Skin Tightening Treatment for 30s-60s

If you are looking for an effective anti-ageing treatment that has natural-looking results at any age, whether you are 30 or 60 years old, then Thermage is an ideal treatment. This advanced skin tightening and rejuvenating procedure helps improve the appearance of sagging and loose skin by naturally rebooting collagen supplies. The procedure is suitable for men and women of all skin types and takes as little as 30-60 minutes to complete.

Smokers’ Lines: How to get rid of them

Smokers’ Lines, also known as lipstick lines or lip lines, are the fine vertical lines that appear around a person’s mouth. These stubborn wrinkles are a common sign of ageing, even when a person hasn’t necessarily smoked. They can ruin the look of an otherwise smooth and flawless complexion, and they are often difficult to conceal, even when a person tries to hide them with makeup. Getting rid of smokers’ lines with non-surgical treatments can therefore prove to be a massive game-changer for people who want to restore beauty, youth and harmony to their overall look. In this article, we explore what smokers’ lines are, why people get them, and the top treatments that patients can use to minimise the appearance of smokers’ lines with impressive, long-term results.


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