Large Pores

Large pores are the dilated opening of oil glands, concentrated mainly in the T-zone on your face, and a common side effect of oily skin. Sun exposure, acne and genetics also play a factor. Large pores can worsen as we age due to weakened skin laxity.

Large Pores Treatments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

What are skin pores?

Pores are small openings in the surface of the skin that allow our skin to release oils and sweat.

What causes large pores?

Large pores can occur for a variety of different reasons, but they are common in people who have sebaceous glands that produce excessive amounts of sebum, which causes oily skin. Sun damage can also make our pore appear larger than usual, and they are common in people with acne. Makeup products can also enlarge our pores if they contain dehydrating and irritating ingredients.

How to get rid of large pores

There is a wide variety of different treatments that we can use to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores. We offer a wide variety of skin improvement treatments to tackle large pores, including a specialist range of cosmeceuticals – cosmetics with medicinal purposes – that have been developed specifically for oily skin types.

Best enlarged pores treatment

Reducing the appearance of large pores is all about selecting treatments that stimulate healthy cell regeneration in the skin’s surface layers.

Clear+Brilliant for large pores

Clear+Brilliant is a gentle laser that is a uniquely customised no-needle procedure. It stimulates the renewal of collagen and improves skin laxity while restoring radiance and reducing pore size. It is also suitable for all skin types.

INTRAcel for large pores

We also offer INTRAcel™ as a revolutionary 2-in-1 treatment that stimulates collagen within the skin, with results that continue to improve for up to six months. Achieve glowing skin and a markedly improved reduction in pore size with this leading non-surgical treatment. Laser skin resurfacing through Clear + Brilliant® also enables skin rejuvenation and the minimisation of enlarged pores.

Laser Treatments for pores

SmartXide DOT™CO2 laser system is one of the most powerful skin rejuvenation lasers in the beauty market today. In less than an hour, it can stimulate skin rejuvenation using tiny microbeams that stimulate collagen production and healthy cell renewal. The result is skin with a smoother texture and a marked reduction in pore size.

Dermaroller for large pores

Our Genuine Dermaroller™ therapy is a collagen-induction treatment that encourages skin to repair and regenerate itself naturally. Also known as ‘micro-needling,’ this world-class procedure penetrates the skin with thousands of tiny micro-needles, which stimulates a restorative natural healing process deep within the skin. As a result, skin bounces back with renewed collagen stores and a visible reduction in pore sizes.

Finding out more about large pore treatments

Are large pores becoming an issue for you? If so, then we probably have a treatment that can help. Get in touch with our professional team of skin practitioners and find out more about the best available treatments! To book an appointment, call our clinics in London and Buckinghamshire today.

Treatment Options

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INTRAcel™ helps to firm, smooth and tighten skin minimising the signs of ageing by treating sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles with little or no downtime and with outstanding improvements.

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Clear and Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant® is a gentle laser skin care treatment that improves tone and texture and gives your skin a radiant, youthful glow.

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Improving skin quality and preventing its premature ageing are very important, which is why we offer a varied and comprehensive range of cosmeceutical skincare products to enhance our non-surgical, facial rejuvenation treatments.

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Genuine Dermaroller™

Genuine Dermaroller™ therapy stimulates collagen induction to improve poor quality skin and scarred skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely with long lasting results.

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