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Compression therapy for lymphatic drainage can be relaxing and revitalizing, all at the same time with the Body Ballancer.

With specially designed garments that gently inflate, you can enjoy a wonderful massage that stimulates your lymphatic system while lying back and relaxing.

A number of aesthetic and health concerns can be addressed effectively with Body Ballancer by using the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage massage, including cellulite, water retention, slimming, detoxing, toning, poor skin tone and sluggish digestion, which can cause bloating and discomfort.

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Body Ballancer Treatment Areas

There are two specialised types of garments used to treat the upper and lower body parts.

The Ballancer jacket treats the:

  • Upper abdomen
  • Arms
  • Back

The Ballancer trousers treat the:

  • Lower abdomen
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Entire lower legs

Key Benefits of the Body Ballancer

The Body Ballancer offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Reducing water retention (which can be also help with weight loss)
  • Improving skin tone
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite
  • Helping to boost the immune system
  • Reducing tension and stress, leaving you relaxed
  • Reducing post-exercise inflammation
  • Promoting a healthier gut
  • Enhancing circulation which can improve fat burning
  • Removing toxins from the body
  • Improving the lymphatic and circulatory system
  • Reduces volume and puffiness
  • Zero downtime or aftercare
  • Treatment time is approximately 30-60 minutes

How the Body Ballancer Works

During the Body Ballancer treatment, specialised patent protected garments are worn on either the top or lower halves of the body, which inflates to simulate a soft to firm massage, focusing on every inch of the targeted area.

Inflating compression garments are used in the Body Ballancer® to apply a gentle or firm massage. There are 24 individual air chambers in each garment, which overlap to provide fluent compression strokes that are applied to the treatment area.

Flowing from the base of the limb to the torso, this massage motion increases circulation and decongests the problem areas gently but thoroughly.

In addition to accelerating waste product and excess fluid removal through the lymphatic system, the Body Ballancer® promotes relaxation while boosting the immune system.

Body Ballancer Treatment Near Me

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic offer the body ballancer treatment at both our London and Buckinghamshire clinics. To learn more about our treatment or any other treatments, please get in touch with our team of expert practitioners.


The Cosmetic Skin Clinic in London is easily located near Oxford Circus, Baker Street and Regents Park tube stations. Trains are also available from Kings Cross St Pancras and Paddington stations.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire is located near to Gerrards Cross – Chiltern Railway, Slough’s – First Great Western station. There are quick transport links with the M25, M4, M40 and A40 roads, making the clinic very easy to reach from areas such as Wembley, Richmond, Kingston upon Thames and Surrey.

To learn more about our clinic locations and the best way for you to reach us via car, train, bus or foot, check out our dedicated clinic location page.


The Body Ballancer® is a compression therapy treatment which uses the techniques and principles of manual lymphatic drainage massage.

The Body Ballancer is you know part of a family of equipment or systems known as compression therapy and basically the Body Ballancer is a specially designed suit that basically fills with air in a very specific and controlled way to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Using patent-protected inflating compression garments, the Body Ballancer® applies a gentle or firm massage. There are 24 individual air chambers situated inside each garment that overlap to apply fluent compression strokes to every part of the body being treated. By using its particular flow direction, the massage motion increases circulation and gently yet thoroughly decongests the problem areas. Its gentle, rhythmic action promotes relaxation while accelerating the elimination of waste products and excess fluid from the body via the lymphatic system. It reduces cellulite, improves skin tone, and reduces volume in areas that retain excess fluid.

The Body Ballancer can be used for multiple concerns. These include:

  • Improving overall gut health
  • Complementing and getting quicker CoolSculpting results
  • Breaking down the appearance and build-up of cellulite
  • Lymphoedema (condition that causes long-term swelling usually in the arms and legs)
  • Skin tone that looks dull and tired
  • Detox
  • Stress relief
  • Weight loss
  • Fitness and exercise

The Body Ballancer can help with the fat removal process. The body burns fat more efficiently in areas with strong blood flow than in areas with poor circulation. The Body Ballancer® treatment promotes strong blood flow, improving areas that suffer from poor circulation.

Body Ballancer® is a great complimentary procedure to help you get the best results from other body sculpting fat reduction treatments. It works so well as a combination treatment which is why we offer it within our non-surgical fat reduction package.  Through targeting the lymphatic system and more, it is effective at helping with fat removal.

On average, the Body Ballancer treatment time can take 30-60 minutes. It is dependent on the type of body ballancer treatment being carried out, I.e., cellulite (1 hour), sports massage (30 minutes), post-pregnancy (30 minutes), lymphoedema (1 hour) etc.

The Body Ballancer treatment does not require any downtime. After the procedure, you can resume your regular daily activities and work.

It depends on the type of treatment performed and the condition to be treated how many Body Ballancer® treatments you will need.

Using the Body Ballancer® to reduce cellulite and improve skin tone may require a course of treatments which your practitioner will advise you on. In most cases, this requires a course of 12 treatments over the course of 3 to 4 weeks.

In most cases, you will notice results after one treatment, but you may choose to continue treatment on a regular basis to maintain them. We recommend a course of treatments for best results.

The appearance of cellulite is that of dimpled or lumpy skin. Cellulite is a condition that can be caused by a variety of factors, including alcohol consumption, smoking, smoking-related medications, lack of vigorous exercise. All of which can create a detrimental build-up in fatty tissues.

In addition to changing your lifestyle, Body Ballancer can reduce cellulite by boosting circulation in the treatment areas. It brings healthy oxygenated blood combined with massage action to effectively break cellulite build up, improving the appearance.

Body Ballancer® could be an ideal complement to your CoolSculpting procedure to ensure you achieve the best body contouring results. Due to CoolSculpting’s reliance on the lymphatic system to remove dead fat cells, the body ballancer treatment can produce quicker results.

There are many factors that can impact the appearance of our skin tone, for instance alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy diet, contraceptive pill, being inactive etc. By increasing the flow of fresh oxygenated blood to the skin, Body Ballancer® massage treatments can improve the appearance of the skin. Additionally, it removes waste and toxic build-up within the body, which can cause dull, tired skin.

The Body Ballancer treatment has proven to be a favourite of many celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Chrissy Tiegan, Lady Gaga, Rochelle Humes, Zac Efron, Hailey Baldwin, Jodie Kidd, Lisa Snowdon, Katherine Ryan and more!

Yes, men can definitely have the body ballancer treatment if they are the ideal candidate. Male celebrities such as Zac Efron are big fans of this treatment.

The perfect candidate is someone who has a sluggish lymphatic system, anyone who has digestive or gut issues or anyone who’s extremely active and needs some muscle recovery.

It is normally advised that patients wear comfortable clothes for their treatment that covers the treatment area. The reason we advise this is so that no bare skin touch the compression garments for hygiene reasons.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic offers the Body Ballancer treatment at both our London and Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire clinic locations.

London based clinic can be found at 8 Devonshire Place, Marylebone, London W1G 6HP

Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire clinic can be found at 84 Rogers Lane, Stoke Poges, Slough, SL2 4LF

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