Profhilo: A Skin Remodelling Treatment


Profhilo is a trailblazing new form of hyaluronic acid that remodels and stimulates the skin. As a unique treatment, it stands out in the cosmetic industry for its ability to remodel existing collagen stores while stimulating new ones to form. Many of our patients have embraced this new treatment in combination with fillers to give their skin a youthful boost. 

Skin Remodelling with Profhilo

As a high-concentration hyaluronic acid, some patients may assume that Profhilo is a volumiser. But it actually doesn’t add volume to the skin at all. Instead, its innovative formulation generates tissue healing and remodelling properties that have wonderful anti-ageing effects.

Profhilo benefits

As a next-generation hyaluronic acid, it has been proven in clinical studies to stimulate 4 different types of collagen and elastin production deep within the skin. These natural proteins give our skin structure, hydration and support, but they gradually deplete over time.

By stimulating these structural proteins, the skin is able to reboot and revitalise itself from deep inside. This gives Profhilo patients tightened and firmed skin while restoring a luminous and hydrated glow to the skin’s appearance.

The Profhilo Treatment explained

Profhilo is strategically injected into the skin at targeted points. It then disperses across the treatment area before blending smoothly into deep skin layers. Over time, it encourages the body to ramp up its own natural collagen and elastin production itself. This works to boost the skin in a natural-looking way, without over-plumping your appearance or giving you an exaggerated lift.

Profhilo results

After just a few weeks, the skin gradually tightens and remodels itself as Profhilo heals skin tissues and stimulates the growth of new ones. Patients will notice an immediate improvement to the tightness and texture of their skin, with results that can last up to 6 months after the injections. 

See Dr Joanna Christou, one of our talented cosmetic doctors demonstrating the Profhilo treatment on the neck and hands of one of our patients in video below:

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