Is your youthful glow fading? Have it restored with dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire!


Dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire has taken the world of beauty by storm, but that is not to say the treatment has not received its share of criticism. The idea of injecting substances into the skin to change its appearance is regarded as risky, or outright terrifying, for first-timers or non-believers. 

In this article, we aim to unpack the myths and demonstrate how dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire, when delivered in a regulated environment, are low-risk and incredibly effective. 

Poison is injected into my skin: false

The number one concern people have about dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire is they do not know what is contained in these injectables. Little do they know that there are specific kinds of fillers which contain ingredients found in daily moisturisers. 

Our practice, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, use only semi-permanent fillers in Buckinghamshire made with hyaluronic acid. 

Our skin needs hyaluronic acid to remain line free and youthful: correct

It is important to note that hyaluronic acid is produced in ample supply when we are young to keep the skin hydrated and supply nutrients. Think of those beautiful babies and their skin who have it in bucket loads! Unfortunately, the older we get, the less hyaluronic acid our bodies create. From as young as 25, the condition of our skin starts to deteriorate.

It should come as no surprise to hear that our skin needs a little outside help. Many of you reading this may use anti-ageing serums, which help to an extent but might not render the most desirable results – this is where fillers in Buckinghamshire come in handy. 

The primary purpose of dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire is to replenish your fast-depleting hyaluronic acid. 

Results from this treatment look fake, unnatural and are irreversible: false

Despite more and more people having cosmetic treatment, there remains a stigmatisation in having filler work done. 

One appeal to having non-surgical procedures is that they work to rejuvenate and freshen your face, but not to change your look entirely. We practise a ‘less-is-more’ approach that produces imperceptible results. You will feel great and notice the difference, but others around you might not notice, perhaps commenting that you look well or relaxed. 

If you want to look less tired, treat your baggy eyes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, you cannot go wrong with fillers in Buckinghamshire

If you are not happy with the results or happen to change your mind, the changes can be dissolved with a solution. 

Be wary of buying fillers off the internet. Generally, these injectables are unregulated, untested and often filled with harmful substances that could have dire effects on your skin and body – make an appointment with us instead, where licenced practitioners use safe, FDA-cleared products. 

I will not feel any pain at all: false

Non-surgical methods are far less painful than having your tissue cut and sliced open, but you will feel some discomfort in the form of side effects and reactions. Most of the fillers we use today have inbuilt pain relief in the form of lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic for a more comfortable treatment.

Side effects include swelling, which is minor and temporary but can feel tender to the touch. 

Book an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners if you want to look and feel great with this age-defying treatment. 


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