Marionette Lines

Add some lift back into your lower face and banish those ageing marionette lines away. Reduce their appearance with a little help from Dermal Filler and Botox from our practitioners skilled hands.

Marionette Lines Treatments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

What are marionette lines?

Marionette lines also called ‘smile lines’ are caused when the depressor muscle is pulling down on the corners of the mouth causing noticeable lines adding to a sad expression. Marionette lines extend from the corner of the mouth downwards, like you see on marionette puppets.

Marionette lines should not be confused with nasolabial folds (also called nose to mouth lines). It is common to develop both marionette lines and nasolabial folds about roughly the same time.

What causes marionette line wrinkles?

Due to its thinness, the skin around your mouth is especially prone to wrinkles. So, it is natural for a sad mouth appearance to appear as we age, just like wrinkles, folds, and lines. Collagen depletion is at the heart of this problem. Elastin and collagen production decrease with age, resulting in a reduction of skin elasticity.

Factors that can affect the severity of lines and the timeline of when they appear include genetics, diet, current skincare routine, stress, sun exposure and fat loss. Fat loss in the facial region occurs as we age and can exaggerate the appearance of lines and wrinkles and overall ageing skin.

How to get rid of marionette lines

The good news is that marionette lines are relatively easy to treat. It is possible to get rid of creases and instantly erase years from the appearance of a person with modern non-surgical procedures like Dermal Fillers and Botox.

Get rid of marionette lines effectively with our top non-surgical treatments.

Best treatments for deep marionette lines

Marionette Lines are affected in appearance by volume loss/skin laxity and overused repetitive muscle action. These two symptoms require two separate solutions which come in the form of Dermal Filler and Botox. One treats volume loss, while the other works to relax the muscle causing the wrinkle.

Marionette Lines Fillers

Dermal Fillers is an effective treatment for marionette lines. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we use dermal fillers for the marionette lines themselves, and often also add dermal filler support to the cheeks to lift the fat pad that could be weighing down and contributing to the marionette lines.

Dermal Filler treats marionette lines, leaving your face looking rejuvenated, youthful and refreshed.

Wrinkle relaxing injections/ Botox for Marionette Lines

In contrast to fillers, Botox blocks nerve signals that cause muscles to contract, rather than boosting collagen production. This will result in smoother skin with fewer wrinkles. By injecting Botox, we have less muscle contraction which results in a smoother appearance and is preventative of stopping the lines from getting deeper.

For further information about our marionette lines fillers and Botox treatments and to book a consultation, fill out our online enquiry form. Or get in touch with our London and Buckinghamshire clinics.

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