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“Patients desire an attractive fresher version of themselves akin to airbrushing the face. This is what we strive to deliver every day with our non-surgical facelifts...”

By Dr. TRACY MOUNTFORD, MBBS MBCAM on Non-Surgical Facelifts

Although people have traditionally resorted to cosmetic surgery, there are obvious disadvantages such as expense and recovery time. Today, there are many simple yet highly effective non-invasive alternatives to a surgical facelift that help you subtly return to a fresher version of yourself – and keep lines, wrinkles and sagging at bay.

Judy Murray, mother of tennis superstar Andy Murray has recently put this treatment in the spotlight after having a non-surgical facelift herself.

As we age, the face loses volume and the skin’s elasticity declines dramatically, with the effects of gravity becoming all too evident, resulting in sagging or drooping skin. For women, the chin can also be a real tell-tale sign of ageing: the loss of deep supporting fat, combined with gum recession and loss of bone, impact the lower face and chin causing thin lips and wrinkles and a puckered or pouty chin. Tissue loss and sagging skin also cause a chin crease below the lips.

Some of these amazing non-surgical options include: dermal fillers, Ultherapy® and  Thermage®. Click below to read more about other non-surgical facelift treatments!

To find out more about the non-surgical facelift treatment that we offer at our clinics in London and Buckinghamshire, please click the link below and don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists to discuss your requirements!

Dr Tracy Mountford conducting treatment on a patient

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, Dr Tracy Mountford is a pioneer of the ‘less is more’ approach to non-surgical cosmetic enhancement.

The aim is for natural rejuvenation – as if your face has simply been airbrushed. Our practitioners are trained in the highly technical MD Codes™approach – an advanced method of facial enhancement through precision injection points that treat the cause of the issue as well as the problem area.

We strategically plan cosmetic treatments that will have an impact but yet remain undetectable.

Our ethos is to tailor make a treatment plan to restore the three-dimensional contour of your face with naturally understated, long-lasting results. We find best results are obtained by customizing a clever combination of treatments such as: Botox®, dermal fillers, collagen stimulators, Ultherapy®,  Thermage® and Silhouette Soft® thread lifting that all work in synergy.

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Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments

Non-surgical facelifts are designed to give the skin across your face a tighter and more youthful appearance. As we age, our faces lose supportive proteins like collagen and elastin, as well as fat tissues. This can cause the formation of lines and wrinkles, in addition to hollowed-out areas and sagging skin. By utilising non-surgical facelift treatments, we can restore lost volume to the face while tightening up loose skin that has sagged under the effects of gravity. The result is lifted and refreshed skin across the face, with a tighter and smoother texture.

What facial areas can we treat with a non-surgical facelift?

The ageing process can cause a diverse range of issues and conditions across all areas of our upper, mid and lower face. In the upper face, we can lose volume around our temples, creating a ‘caved in’ look, while crow’s feet around our eyes and forehead wrinkles can often appear. When it comes to the mid-face, cheek hollowing is often a key cause for concern. In our lower face, sagging skin across our chins and jawlines is often the biggest issue. Thankfully, we can address all of these issues and more by applying strategic techniques to bring back strength, volume and support. A non-surgical facelift can be used to treat:

  • Jowls: restore skin elasticity and volume to minimise the appearance of jowls
  • Crow’s feet: smooth and fill crows’ feet lines around the eyes
  • Forehead wrinkles: reduce the appearance of frown lines and forehead lines
  • Temple hollowing: replenish volume and support to the temples
  • Sagging eyelids and brows: tighten skin and lift up sagging brows and eyelids
  • Chin: lift and volumise drooping chins that have lost their contoured shape
  • Mouth and lips: fill mouth lines and restore volume and hydration to the lips
  • Nose-to-mouth lines: reduce the appearance of nasolabial fold lines

If you are a patient who wants to address all of these issues, then our comprehensive 8-point facelift is an ideal solution.

Best Non-surgical Facelift Treatments

Non-surgical facelifts can be carried out using a variety of different techniques. Determining your best non-surgical facelift strategy depends on seeking a consultation with an expertly qualified practitioner, who can guide you on the best approach to take. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, some of our most popular non-surgical facelift procedures are listed below.

Non-surgical facelift with Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can instantly restore volume to hollowed-out areas of our skin. They can be used across the face in the form of a non-surgical facelift to both fill out fine lines and wrinkles while bringing back skin strength and firmness through their collagen-stimulating properties. Discover how we used these with one of our patients to achieve a mid-face lift.

We can achieve even better lifting results when we combine fillers with anti-wrinkle injections. When we use fillers with anti-wrinkle injections, the effect produces superlative results that can often visually surpass surgical techniques, without any surgery or downtime.

Non-surgical facelift with Sculptra

Sculptra is a clinically proven injectable treatment that is also known as a ‘liquid facelift.’ It stimulates natural collagen production in our faces using its intense formulation of poly-L-lactic acid (or PLA) which nourishes the skin’s dermis to reboot natural collagen production. The result is improved elasticity and smoothness over time.

Ultrasound and Radiofrequency Non-Surgical Facelifts

Ultrasound and radiofrequency treatments can be used on the face to reboot our skin’s own natural collagen production. Ultherapy is one of the leading ultrasound treatments in this respect and is a popular choice when treating sagging skin and lifting brows. We also offer Thermage CPT, a radiofrequency skin tightening treatment that is known as a ‘non-surgical facelift.’ Tightens and contours the skin across your face by encouraging collagen renewal inside deep layers of the skin.

Non-Surgical Thread lifting Facelift

Silhouette Soft Threading is a non-surgical thread lifting technique that lifts sagging skin across the face without any surgical incisions. It is a great technique to target deep lines and wrinkles while giving a better definition to the jawline.

Non-Surgical Facelift

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With plastic surgery, recovery times can be as long as six months in some cases. With a face lift through non-cosmetic surgery, there is little to no downtime and you can resume normal activities right away.

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