Non-surgical facelifts with Cherry Healey and Dr Matthew Jarvie-Thomas

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s expert, Dr Matthew Jarvie-Thomas breaks down the ins and outs of a non-surgical facelift with the lovely Cherry Healey. Answering the burning questions we all have on our minds, about taking the plunge with a non-surgical facelift and why and how Ultherapy is the perfect answer.

What top questions are covered?

Our expert covers top questions including:

  • What is a facelift?
  • Why does ageing occur?
  • Why choose non-surgical facelift vs surgical?
  • How does non-surgical facelift work?
  • How does Ultherapy differ to other collagen stimulating treatments?
  • Can Ultherapy improve skin texture?
  • When can you see Ultherapy results?
  • How many sessions do you need of Ultherapy?
  • What other areas can Ultherapy treat?

Has Cherry Healey had Ultherapy?

Yes! Cherry Healey visited The Cosmetic Skin Clinic two months ago for her Ultherapy treatment. She says “I have noticed results. You think, gosh I must have slept really well. I’ve noticed that my jawline is definitely coming back.”

Instagram Live with Cherry Healey and Dr Matthew Jarvie-Thomas

To find out the answers to the non-surgical facelift questions, watch our quick 5-minute video below to hear Dr Matthew Jarvie-Thomas explain it all.

Non-surgical facelift at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

Ultherapy is a leading FDA-cleared skin tightening treatment and The Cosmetic Skin Clinic are the No 1 Ultherapy treatment provider for 8 years in a row. All our practitioners are highly skilled in non-surgical facelifts and each step is thoroughly explained.

Our expert Ultherapy team work hard to promote its benefits because they’ve seen with their patients the amazing non-surgical facelift results that can be achieved. With Ultherapy, you can turn back the clock on aging and gravity with high-quality results. Ultherapy is the perfect non-surgical facelift.

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Source: Instagram / August 30th 2022

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