Forehead Lines

Forehead lines can present a common problem for men and women at any age. Our skin loses tightness and cannot return to its place as in our younger days. Sun exposure, smoking, toxins and genetics can also result in the appearance of forehead lines.

Forehead Lines Treatments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

What are forehead lines?

Forehead lines, also known as forehead wrinkles are the horizontal indentations that appear across our forehead. Forehead wrinkles are most noticeable when we pull certain facial expressions, such as lifting our eyebrows. When we smile, laugh or look concerned, the glabella muscles tug and pull the skin that covers them, making them appear as deep forehead lines.

What causes wrinkles on forehead?

Fine lines on foreahead are natural visible indentations across everyone’s face, but as we age, they become more deep-set and prominent looking. This is because our skin gradually becomes looser, and the collagen bonds that form the structure of our faces become less defined. As we repeat facial movements like smiling and frowning over time, the skin across our foreheads loses collagen and elastin stores that keep the skin firm and taut. As a result, forehead lines and wrinkles appear to look deeper set and more obvious.

How to get rid of deep forehead wrinkles

Although a surgical brow lift can treat forehead wrinkles, it is perfectly possible to smooth the forehead in a non-invasive way without incurring downtime. This non-surgical forehead line lift results in a well-rested, relaxed and refreshed look without any severe side effects.

One of our most popular treatments to get rid of forehead lines is anti-wrinkle injections. Botulinum toxin is a naturally purified protein that works as a muscle relaxant. It’s often prescribed by doctors in the UK to treat medical conditions such as chronic migraines and is a popular and proven method for treating forehead wrinkles. See what other areas on the face can be treated with anti-ageing injectables!

Administered properly by a fully qualified medical practitioner, botulinum toxin injections will visibly diminish brow lines but enable movement in your facial expressions to remain and avoid an unwanted frozen, ‘caught-in-the-headlights’ look. It normally takes 5-7 days for botulinum toxin forehead wrinkle treatments to work.

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we believe in helping you look great for your age in a completely natural and subtle way. We usually obtain good results after just a single injection.

forhead lines botox before forehead lines botox after

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Get rid of forehead wrinkles with our award-winning non-surgical, best forehead lines treatments.

There is a range of treatments that we can use to reduce forehead lines, from Botulinum toxin injections and our classic non-surgical brow lift to dermal fillers and radiofrequency treatments. The best way to get rid of forehead lines is to carry out a detailed consultation with our trained practitioners, who can advise on the best approach to suit your own skin needs. You may benefit from a combination of treatments, like the combination of forehead fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, to achieve optimum results.

Filler for Forehead Lines

Dermal fillers can smooth out forehead lines by filling in deep creases and lines with restorative hyaluronic acid. This natural sugar protein helps our skin to retain water while giving it moisture, hydration and support to strengthen the skin. We can apply forehead filler into deep lines and wrinkles strategically to bring volume back to deep creases. This helps to reduce the appearance of forehead lines without freezing any natural facial muscle movements.

Ultherapy for Forehead Wrinkles

Ultherapy is a leading ultrasound procedure that stimulates the natural production of collagen within our skin. It can be applied to the forehead area to stimulate the production of strengthening collagen stores across the forehead lines. This helps to tighten and smooth the skin while smoothing the appearance of deep forehead wrinkles.

Thermage for Forehead Lines

Thermage CPT is a radiofrequency collagen-boosting treatment that three-dimensionally contracts collagen deep within our skin. This reboots our body’s own ability to regenerate naturally collagen proteins on its own, making Thermage a great way to smooth forehead lines and wrinkles over the long term. Just one session can produce forehead smoothing effects that can last several years in some patients.

Micro-needling for Forehead Wrinkles and Lines

Micro-needling is a skin rejuvenating treatment that is non-surgical and minimally invasive. It can smoothen forehead lines and wrinkles by stimulating fresh collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, while also addressing skin issues like acne scars and sun spots.

To learn more about our best treatments for deep forehead wrinkles, complete our online enquiry form or contact our London and Buckinghamshire clinics directly.

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The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the No1 Ultherapy Ultra Premier Treatment Provider for the UK and Ireland for the 10th year in a row as of October 2023.

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