Dr Hao Hanson Yu

Cosmetic Doctor

As a third-generation doctor, Dr Hao Hanson brings a legacy of excellence to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. With degrees in Medicine and Surgery, along with a Master’s of Science in Translational Medicine, Dr. Hanson seamlessly integrates advanced Western clinical medicine with a profound knowledge of natural botanical remedies rooted in authentic traditional Chinese medicine.

Specialising in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, Dr. Hanson has mastered various injection techniques and stays at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. His meticulous attention to detail allows him to artistically restore the arcs and contours of the face and body, delivering beautiful, youthful results with care and precision.

Dr Hao Hanson Yu - Cosmetic Doctor MMBS-MSc-MBCAM-The Cosmetic Skin Clinic


Dr. Hanson’s unique background in Naturopathy and clinical medicine sets him apart from most practitioners in London. His diverse expertise allows him to support patients holistically, advocating for less invasive treatments and promoting lifestyle modifications that enhance well-being both inside and out.

With an instinctive understanding of facial features, the ageing process, and beauty outcomes across diverse genders, ethnic groups, and socioeconomic communities, Dr Hanson excels in non-surgical facelifts treatments combined with the latest Thermage and Ultherapy technology.

Having collaborated with several luxury brands and clinics across London, Dr. Hanson now leads non-invasive aesthetics at our sister clinic The Private Clinic of Harley Street. He offers a wide array of non-surgical aesthetic treatments and clinically effective skincare solutions to enhance the natural beauty of his patients.

For those seeking expert care in non-surgical aesthetics, Dr. Hao Hanson provides unparalleled expertise and a personalised approach, ensuring exceptional results for every client.

Treatments performed by Dr Hanson Yu include:

Dr Hanson Yu is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC no. 6136433).

Consultations with Dr Hao Hanson Yu are available in London. Call 03714543159 or fill-in our online enquiry form to book your consultation today.

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