Dr Victoria Manning

Cosmetic Doctor

Dr Victoria Manning is the co-founder and medical director of our sister clinic, River Aesthetics. With over 20 years of clinic experience across general practice and aesthetics, Dr Manning is a highly skilled and experienced medical aesthetics doctor. With a special interest in collagen stimulation and thread lifting, she seamlessly combines clinical proficiency with artistic finesse.

Dr Manning is fervently dedicated to educating fellow medical professionals, and she champions the significance of knowledge sharing among aesthetic practitioners, rooted in the belief that we never stop learning no matter how long we have been doing something.

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Dr Manning is committed to spreading knowledge and empowerment and she does so through her recognised excellence. Her passion for innovation and the ever-evolving aesthetic landscape led her on an exciting journey to redefine beauty and confidence.

With Dr Manning’s fusion of expertise, she has firmly established herself as:

  • a global aesthetics industry trainer, speaker and key opinion leader for Sinclair Pharma’s Silhouette Soft Thread Lifts
  • an expert trainer in PDO Threads, along with Dr Charlotte Woodward (co-founder of River Aesthetics)

Simply put, Dr Manning’s insights inspire and educate the industry. Having an increasing workload that is dedicated to correcting the poor work by unqualified individuals, Dr Manning remains unwavering in her commitment to promoting safety as the foremost concern within the aesthetics industry. Driven by this dedication, she persistently advocates for regulatory measures from governing medical authorities.

Recognition for her craft further underscores Dr Manning’s unparalleled skills and artistic vision. As a regular contributor to journals and opinion pieces for the aesthetic medical press, she is often featured as the top aesthetics expert in a multitude of lifestyle magazine brands. This includes her most recent feature in Tatler’s Top 40 Aesthetic Doctors for threads.

As the co-founder of our sister clinic, River Aesthetics in Bournemouth, Dr Victoria Manning is genuinely passionate about helping her patients rekindle their inner confidence and give them back their spark when life throws them curveballs. What truly fuels her is the privilege of joining patients on their recovery journey to feeling like themselves again.

Treatments performed by Dr Victoria Manning in London:

Treatments performed by Dr Victoria Manning in Bournemouth:

Dr Victoria Manning is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC no. 4316745). She also sits on the Specialist Advisory Board of CMAC (Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaboration) which gives clinicians guidance on thread complication management and outcomes.

Consultations with Dr Manning are available in London and Bournemouth. Book your consultation today and call 0330 057 5425.

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