How To Use Filler On The Nose For Incredible Results


Many people feel their noses are too big, too small, crooked, or bumpy. What they don’t know is that a misshapen nose can be treated simply and quickly without surgery and little downtime… with just a little bit of filler!

The popular misconception about dermal fillers is that they can make your face and nose look bigger. However, this is not true at all. They can actually do the opposite. By injecting filler into your nose, we can reshape the nose for the better. 

What are nose fillers?

Nose fillers are a non-surgical solution to help make the nose look smaller, narrower or to correct a bump on the nose. By using hyaluronic acid injections at strategic points, we can narrow the bridge of the nose, decrease the nostril size and streamline the overall shape of the nose for a flattering appearance, without any surgery or downtime needed. In the video below, Dr Tracy Mountford explains how we can use nose fillers to enhance the look of the nose:

How to make a nose look smaller with filler

Faces are perceived by how light reflects off the surface of the skin. When performed by a highly-skilled practitioner, filler can be gently placed on the bridge of your nose, tracing the areas where light reflects off it the most. This can nicely narrow the bridge, creating a smaller appearance.  

Correcting nose asymmetry with nose fillers

We can rebalance the shape of the nose and correct asymmetry by placing dermal filler at strategic points across a misshapen nose. The lower part of the nose can often appear as asymmetrical because of bumps, dents or dips. But these can be recontoured and reshaped with filler when performed by an experienced clinician. Additionally, nostril size can be reduced by injecting dermal filler in the corners of the nose. 

Nose Filler

Achieving a nose lift with filler

As men and women age, the nose can start to dip down. This can be treated by having filler injected at the base of the nose to cause it to lift up. Admittedly, this technique can be a bit uncomfortable and can cause the eyes to water, but it can also result in the nose looking really attractive without over-elevating it.

Experience matters

Experience is essential for non-surgical rhinoplasty. It’s a very artistic, technical treatment that requires a steady hand and experienced practitioner, like the ones we have at our clinic. You need someone who knows how to properly administer fillers for the nose in strategic parts. 

When handled correctly, these very clever techniques can be used to narrow, recontour and very subtly reduce the base of the nose in a way that will be immediately shown and brilliantly trick the eye… all without surgery and little downtime. 

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