Get rid of your wrinkles with dermal fillers Buckinghamshire


Ageing, combined with bad lifestyle habits such as smoking, can cause your skin to lose its youthful appearance over time. It can become loose in areas such as your neck and around your chin, or you might want to tackle wrinkles around your mouth or volume loss on your cheeks instead. Whatever you find yourself wanting to improve, we can help at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. We have several fully qualified professionals that are ready to administer your treatment and answer any questions that you may have. 

Getting dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire is easy, and you are able to book a consultation appointment with our clinic either online or over the phone. You will be able to tell us all about the areas of your appearance that are bothering you, so we are able to make sure that you get the most out of your treatment with us. We are able to recontour your face and tighten the skin improving the laxity of the skin in turn, boosting your confidence when it comes to the appearance of your skin.    

What is a filler and how can they help?

Your body has a natural supply of hyaluronic acid, but unfortunately, as we age, this supply starts to deplete. It is this decreasing supply that results in the appearance of wrinkles and lines, or areas becoming saggy. When you get dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire you are having more hyaluronic acid inserted into your skin, thus boosting its appearance and reducing ageing lines.

Sometimes people can worry about having thin lips, as they only get thinner as you age, but having this treatment provides you with an opportunity to keep your lips looking plumper, more hydrated as you get older. This can boost your confidence when it comes to smiling, laughing and just generally speaking to people.    

How to start your treatment process

The first step with this treatment is the same as any other. We recommend that you attend a consultation appointment where you are able to have an in-depth medical consultation with one of our team of practitioners at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. You can highlight the areas that you want to improve and we will be able to inform you about all the different treatments that could apply to your concerns. We will also be able to recommend what treatments will be the most suitable for you too. 

Once you have attended a consultation appointment you will then have another appointment where your treatment is administered. Luckily, with fillers, you do not require any downtime, so it does not interrupt with your daily routine either. You might have some swelling or a bit of redness but this will go down relatively quickly, and you will be able to notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin before you have even left the clinic. 

Should you pair this treatment with others?

When you get dermal fillers in Buckinghamshire it is often recommended that you have other treatments alongside it, to make sure that your skin is just as youthful in other areas as well. It is becoming increasingly popular to have Ultherapy treatment and muscle relaxants with fillers, as this helps to tighten your skin in all areas around the neck and face and smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles.   


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