Vogue Skin Trends Round-up 2021

From Online Dermatology to the Natural Look, 8 Of the Most Interesting Skin Trends for 2021


January 2021

Beauty and skincare journalist Hannah Coates from Vogue reflects on some of the biggest skincare trends to look out for in 2021. From customer preferences and treatments to must-have products, she explores how to gain “luminous, healthy skin” with minimal effort and maximum gain throughout the year ahead.

One of the key trends discussed in the article is how individuals are focusing more and more on “the upper third of our faces.” Thanks largely to the lifestyle restrictions of the current pandemic, we are increasingly obscuring the lower half of our faces with protective masks. The rise in use of online video and Zoom calling has also prompted us to hone in on visibly noticeable problems in these areas, like forehead lines and wrinkles, tear trough hollows or depressed temples.

This is why our very own Dr Tracy Mountford has predicted that most cosmetic treatments this year will focus on the cheeks upwards. She predicts a surge in popularity in treatments that seek to refresh and uplift key areas of the upper face, like the cheeks and temples. According to Dr Mountford, patients should explore “the delicate use of temple filler to help create ‘infinity cheeks,’ extending up into the temple and hairline area.” This key treatment can help “draw attention to the eyes for a natural look,” while giving the upper face a more contoured and youthful shape.

Other commentators in the article also predict the resurgence of “less is more” treatments that enhance beauty in a natural way. It’s apparently time to “forget Instagram face” or the overtly overdone looks that have been popular with some over the last few years. With “subtle” being “the new skin buzzword,” individuals will be seeking reputable clinicians and providers who can augment their skin quality in graceful and authentic ways.

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