From CoolSculpting to EMSculpt Neo: high-tech tools to sculpt your body

From CoolSculpting to EMSculpt Neo: high-tech tools to sculpt your body

The Times

March 2021

Beauty journalist Jennifer George of The Times takes a detailed look at two leading body sculpting treatments and how they can shift bulging pockets of fat that “seem unshiftable.”

First, she explores CoolSculpting, an advanced fat freezing treatment that is said to be regarded as “the best choice for addressing stubborn fat pockets.” This transformational treatment has a range of specialised “nozzles” that give patients the chance to reduce fat across a range of difficult-to-target areas, including bingo wings and love handles. It has been specially designed in a way that allows treatment practitioners to “suck in the specified area of fat” before cooling energy “slowly and safely cools the fat cells.”

This high-tech process is known as cryolipolysis that works quickly and in a highly targeted way to kill fat deposits. After a treatment that lasts around 45 minutes, these fat deposits “quite literally curl up and die” before leaving “your body in the way any other toxins do,” via natural metabolic processes. In just a few weeks, patients should start to notice the results as their treated fat stores are “permanently” destroyed. This does not mean that you will never gain fat cells again, but “any destroyed ones are irreversibly gone.”

For patients who have “toning and tightening” as their main goal, a treatment like EMSculpt Neo is often more suitable. EMSculpt Neo is a body contouring procedure that is less about fat “reduction and more about improving a pre-existing fitness routine.” As a completely non-invasive technology involving “no needles or numbing cream,” it uses a machine to build muscle and burn through fat stores “while you just lie there.”

The “secret” to its amazing body sculpting results is a “first-to-market combination of electromagnetic energy fields that trigger super-fast muscle contractions,” along with “radiofrequency heat, a time-tested destroyer of fat cells.” Much like doing a super tough gym workout, it generates muscle contractions that are equivalent to doing “20,000 sit-ups in a matter of minutes.”

The results are said to be highly “impressive, especially on older patients who find it harder to build and retain muscle mass.” It is ideal for areas like “the buttocks, arms and even calves, as it can add that extra lift.”

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