Age Is No Barrier

Age Is No Barrier

The Sunday Telegraph 4th February 2018

Sam Lewis reports for The Sunday Telegraph, that face-lifts might be going out of fashion, but the desire to look good later in life is leading to a rise in cosmetic treatments for the over-60s. Sam Lewis: She says, “While demand for plastic surgery is on the decline, the popularity of eye lifts and non-surgical procedures continues to grow particularly among the over 60’s. Dr Mountford shares with Sam her experience in this age category and says, “There’s been a noticeable move away from facelifts thanks to revolutionary techniques, including the clever application of fillers, lasers and other treatments that tighten skin and improve its texture. Some people simply don’t want to undergo treatments that require downtime – people lead busy lives – especially when you can achieve fantastic results by a strategic combination of supportive treatments.”  She also states the majority of her clients are now in the 55-75 age bracket- and they also tend to be the ones who are most satisfied with the results.  “Just because you’re getting a bit older doesn’t mean you suddenly stop caring about your appearance; quite the opposite, in fact.  Both men and women are working until later in life, and want to look good for longer, especially if they’re still at the top of the professional game. Demand for dermal fillers in the over-65 age group has increased 30% over the last three years, with Ultherapy, a non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatment, rising by a third. Bookings for CoolSculpting, (fat-freezing treatment), have increased 42% over the last two-and-a-half years, and is proving particularly effective in combating common age-related bugbears such as double chins.”  She also stresses that 60-somethings are canny enough not only to recognise small tweaks make a big difference, but that they are shouldn’t simply focus on the face.  “There’s no point achieving a fresher, younger face, if the neck and hands look like those of a 70-year—old,” she adds, non-surgical treatments on these areas of the body are also proving popular as well.


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