Double Chin Treatments

Having a double chin can be genetic, but is often down to ageing as skin becomes loose and sags. And no matter how much you try double chin exercises or diet, it can be so difficult to get rid of.

Treating this area of stubborn fat and sagging skin can be achieved effectively – and without resorting to double chin surgery. Find out how CoolSculpting under chin or our chin fat removal treatment (the CoolMini™ from CoolSculpting®) combined with skin tightening and lifting treatment through Ultherapy® can help you achieve the appearance that you’ve always wanted. In this case, depending on the patient, it may be that treatment only with Ultherapy is required. To book an appointment, contact our clinics in London and Buckinghamshire!

Medically reviewed by the MDT Advisory Committee for The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, London and Bucks. Last reviewed on 20th November 2023.

double chin fat reduction treatment

Trim and sculpt neck fat with our non-invasive double chin treatments.

Having a double chin can affect your confidence and well-being by making you feel overweight or older-looking, even if your condition is genetic. It is also exceedingly difficult to remove stubborn pockets of submental fat around your neck and double chin using exercise and diet, as you cannot spot-target fat loss in this specific area.

Thankfully, advances in aesthetic medicine have given us the ability to trim double chin neck fat without having to resort to excessive exercise, diets or surgery. Our non-invasive double chin treatment options like CoolSculpting and Ultherapy can take place in less than an hour, involving no downtime and exceptionally long-lasting results.

Remove Fat Under Chin with CoolMini for Double Chin Fat Removal 

CoolMini is a fat-freezing treatment specially designed to treat smaller areas of fat bulges like double chins. We were the first clinic in the UK to offer this new double chin removal treatment and our patients have been delighted with the results. This revolutionary fat freezing technology targets, cools and reduces unwanted fat cells in the selected area. These cells crystallise, then shrivel away. Your body metabolises them and gets rid of them naturally, with a noticeable and long-lasting reduction in the unwanted fat bulge. 

CoolMini Double Chin Before and After 

coolmini double chin before and after

The CoolMini treatment is often combined with Ultherapy: an FDA-cleared, non-invasive ultrasound procedure for lifting and tightening skin on the chin and neck and redefining the jawline. 

Ultherapy tried-and-tested ultrasound technology gradually strengthens skin from deep within and stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin. Results can be more effective because your practitioner can see the layers of tissue targeted during your treatment and ensure the energy is focused to precisely where it is needed. 

Benefits of Double Chin Tightening Treatments

Getting rid of a double chin with our fat removal and skin tightening technologies is easy and offers patients a range of great benefits:

  • Reduce submental fat stores permanently with our CoolSculpting fat-freezing technology
  • Tighten and lift sagging areas of skin across the neck to trim and sculpt fat bulges
  • Boost collagen and elastin stores to give the chin extra support and strength
  • Tone and recontour your neck shape
  • No surgery or downtime needed

Renowned results in Expert Hands

Best Double Chin Treatment – At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we have an outstanding reputation when it comes to our experience and industry expertise. For over 6 years in a row, we have been voted as the number 1 CoolSculpting fat removal clinic in the UK and Europe, and we are celebrated as an Ultherapy ‘Centre of Excellence,’ having been voted as we have been named as an ‘Ultra Premier Treatment Provider‘ for seven consecutive years. So you can trust us for delivering results that will make a positive impact.

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Double Chin Treatments

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If you suffer from the appearance of having a fat neck, then our double chin treatments can help. Many of our patients are interested in neck fat removal and not just fat removal across their double chins. Our CoolMini applicator is perfect to stimulate fat removal in this area as it has been specially designed to fit directly under your chin and also around your mid and lower neck.

Ultherapy can also be used to complement neck fat removal by lifting and tightening flabby or sagging skin across this key zone.

Double chin treatment may be at its most effective when combining CoolMini fat freezing technology with Ultherapy skin tightening technology. However, depending on the patient, it may be that treatment only with Ultherapy is required. During your consultation, we can discuss a tailored treatment plan that will meet your specific needs.

CoolMini results can start to be be seen in just 4-6 weeks with optimum results seen between 12-14 weeks. ¹

With Ultherapy, there is an initial lift after their treatment and real results can become more apparent over three to six months and will last up to a year or more.

Your medical practitioner will give you all the advice you need.

Bernstein 2016 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Once the treated fat cells are crystallised (frozen), they shrivel and are naturally reduced from the body. This results in a noticeable and long lasting reduction in the unwanted fat bulge.

As long as you stay healthy, the long-term results should remain stable.

Patients treated with Ultherapy still have fresh young collagen even after a year. Although nothing can put a stop to the ageing process, Ultherapy touch-up treatments will keep rebuilding collagen.

Every patient is different and your medical practitioner will give you all the advice you need.

Bernstein 2016 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

At the initial stage of treatment with the CoolMini, you will experience a firm pulling sensation on your double chin being treated. The cooling process should then numb the area after a few minutes. ¹

With Ultherapy, there may be slight redness for up to an hour or so afterwards, and a small percentage of patients may have slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to touch. This effect is mild and only temporary.

We will explain everything in detail and make you feel at ease and relaxed on the day of your treatment, knowing you’re in safe, expert and medically qualified hands.

Bernstein 2016 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment. It safely delivers controlled cooling to gently and effectively target and reduce unwanted fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. ¹

With over seven million CoolSculpting treatment cycles performed worldwide, the treatment is proven to be safe and effective for non-surgical fat reduction. ¹

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic has been voted the Number 1 clinic in the UK & Western Europe for CoolSculpting for the last five years, and with a dedicated team of Coolsculpting body contouring practitioners, we pride ourselves on an outstanding service with superlative results for reducing unwanted double chin fat. All of our dedicated expert practitioners have graduated from CoolSculpting University and Dr Tracy Mountford is the only key opinion leader and medical advisor for CoolSculpting by Zeltiq in the UK.

The ultrasound imaging technology in Ultherapy has been safely used in medicine for over 50 years. Over 1 million Ultherapy treatments worldwide have been performed so far, and the procedure is approved for safety by the FDA.

Bernstein 2016 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Because CoolSculpting with the CoolMini is carried out without the need for surgery, there is little downtime and most patients can return to their normal activities right away. ¹

A little redness may occur but this usually disappears very quickly.

With Ultherapy treatment, there may be slight redness for up to an hour or so afterwards, and a small percentage of patients may have slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to touch. This effect is mild and only temporary.

Bernstein 2016 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Some people find double chin fat freezing treatment uncomfortable during the first 5-15 minutes when the CoolMini applicator freezes the skin and fat, but very few patients have reported experiencing sensation during treatment and all have said that it subsided quite soon.

With Ultherapy, discomfort may only happen when the ultrasound energy is delivered, but this is a temporary sensation and a positive sign that the collagen-building process has been initiated. A recent upgrade, Ultherapy Amplify, has been introduced which has been found to be more comfortable.

CoolSculpting is ideal for men and women. We provide a discreet service for all our patients.

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