4 of the UK’s Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments – Harper’s Bazaar

4 of the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatments, according to two aesthetic doctors

By Jessica Vince

Harper’s Bazaar – September 2020

Harper’s Bazaar beauty journalist Jessica Vince rounds up some of the UK’s most popular cosmetic ‘tweakments’ by chatting to two formidable cosmetic doctors, including The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s very own Dr Sophie Shotter.

Jessica begins by explaining the sharply rising demand for quick-fix, natural-looking ‘tweakments’ that “rejuvenate your appearance without a scalpel, nor the associated downtime.” From dermal fillers to skin-tightening procedures, she explains how easy it is to get your face refreshed in an instant thanks to the wide range of non-surgical treatments now available in the beauty industry.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Dr Sophie Shotter introduces 3 of these popular treatments while emphasising their skin-enhancing benefits:

The HydraFacial

This “A-list -adored” Hollywood favourite is noted to boost skin clarity and radiance by resurfacing the skin through a process of exfoliation and intense hydration. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Sophie Shotter elaborates on its beautifying impact:

“The HydraFacial is a seven-step medical-grade facial combining lymphatic drainage, a peel, microdermabrasion and LED light,” she says. “The result is deeply cleansed skin that looks and feels like silk.”

Jessica Vince summarises the treatment by labelling it as simply the “holy grail of facials.”


This most-wanted “no-knife” treatment is one of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s most in-demand options according to Dr Sophie, who explains how it utilises advanced ultrasound technology to lift key facial features.

She comments: Ultherapy is a market-leading skin-tightening treatment that doesn’t just work on the surface, but also within the deeper layers that a surgeon tightens during a facelift. It’s one of the ways we can address the laxity that happens in these layers non-surgically, achieving holistic results.”

This treatment is best suited to patients with early signs of skin laxity, such as sagging under the chin and jawline, or wrinkles forming on the chest.


Jessica notes how body contouring is “all the buzz” in the modern-day beauty industry, before stating how CoolSculpting is the leading non-surgical treatment in this field. With minimal downtime, instant results and only a brief period of post-treatment tenderness, this targeted fat reduction treatment has witnessed a noticeable spike in demand.

“Fat freezing has seen a massive boom,” says Dr Shotter. “As the number of areas we are able to treat has increased, more patients are interested in tweaking their bodies as well as their faces, whether it’s the chin, stomach or arms.”

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