Popular areas we treat with Profhilo at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic


The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is where science meets beauty. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest and most innovative treatments, and one such groundbreaking treatment that is making waves in our aesthetic industry is Profhilo. We delve into the popular areas where Profhilo works its moisturising magic, enhancing your natural beauty to glow.

What is Profhilo?

Known for its transformative effects, Profhilo is a unique injectable hyaluronic acid-based treatment that redefines aging by addressing multiple concerns simultaneously.

Watch our Dr Matthew Jarvie-Thomas explain more about Profhilo and what it does for your skin:

Profhilo treatment areas include:

  1. Profhilo for Under Eyes:

To be clear, Profhilo cannot be administered under the eyes. However, because of its water-like gel consistency, it spreads beneath the skin stimulating collagen and elastin improving skin quality. So, you will not be treated under the eyes with Profhilo, but there will be improved under eye results. Think reduced dark circles and fine lines, with you looking well-rested and refreshed.

profhilo under eyes before and after
  1. Profhilo for the Face:

The most popular and widely known application of Profhilo is for facial rejuvenation. The treatment is strategically injected into specific points on the face, promoting hydration and stimulating collagen production. Profhilo addresses fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin, resulting in a naturally lifted and radiant complexion.

profhilo face before and after
  1. Profhilo for the Neck:

The neck and decolletage is often a telltale sign of aging, with sagging skin and wrinkles making an appearance over time. It is natural to particularly lose collagen, elastin and fat from this area that unfortunately gives the appearance of ‘turkey neck’.

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, Profhilo is expertly administered to the neck area to restore firmness and hydration. The treatment helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in the skin’s structure being tighter, more youthful looking with fine lines plumped out and smoother.

profhilo neck before and after
  1. Profhilo for the Body:

IBSA, the creators of Profhilo also made Profhilo Body. Profhilo Body was crafted to enhance tissue remodelling and elevate skin laxity on the inner arm and abdomen. So, Profhilo isn’t just for the face – it can improve skin laxity, giving you a rejuvenated and toned appearance.

  1. Profhilo for the Hands:

Our hands are often overlooked in the anti-aging routine, yet they can reveal signs of aging prominently. Profhilo works wonders on the hands, replenishing lost volume and improving skin texture. The treatment restores a youthful appearance to your hands, making them as vibrant as the rest of you.

Who is the ideal candidate for Profhilo treatment?

The ideal Profhilo candidate encompasses individuals across various age groups seeking a youthful boost without dermal fillers or muscle relaxants. Additionally, it serves as an excellent introductory procedure when combined with other aesthetic treatments. Profhilo® directly addresses skin laxity and contributes to enhancing uneven skin tone, minimising pores, and revitalising dull, pigmented skin as an integral part of a bespoke skin treatment plan.

Profhilo at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

At our clinics Profhilo stands out as a versatile and effective treatment, offering holistic rejuvenation for various areas of the body. Whether you’re concerned about your neck, body, face, or hands, Profhilo provides a non-invasive solution with minimal downtime.

The expert practitioners at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic are highly knowledgeable in the application of the Profhilo BAP technique. Whether you’re dealing with mild or pronounced skin laxity, our team can tailor a personalised treatment plan to assist you in achieving your aesthetic objectives.

Employing a team of skilled injectors, our practitioners excel at restoring your body confidence through results that are both radiant and naturally enhancing. To find out more about this treatment, head over to our dedicated Profhilo treatment page or if you are ready to start your Profhilo journey, book a consultation with The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s experts or contact our London clinic or our Buckinghamshire clinic at 0330 057 5425.

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