Facial Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers


If you have ever wanted to refresh and revitalise the look of your face, then a non-surgical facelift can offer the instant uplift that you’ve been looking for.

Fillers lift and recontour the face while bringing back structure and volume to sagging skin. They also smooth out the appearance of wrinkles immediately, without any surgery or downtime.

Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation

Dermal fillers restore and beautify the skin. They work by replenishing lost hyaluronic acid stores while encouraging new ones to build. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar substance that binds our skin tissues together while keeping them plump and hydrated.

As we age, we gradually lose these hyaluronic acid stores, which leads to sagging and drooping skin across areas like the cheeks and jowls. Fine lines and wrinkles also show through more clearly as it fades. Yet patients are able to bring back youth-blessed skin that looks luminous, vibrant and fresh using fillers. This is the main goal of our facial rejuvenation filler treatment.

Treating the Full Face with Fillers

Alison, a patient of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, decided to previously ‘dabble’ with dermal filler treatments by opting for frown line fillers with us 10 years ago. After being impressed with previous results, she returned for a full facial rejuvenation treatment with us. The video below showcases her complete treatment journey, from undergoing a full facial assessment to enjoying her uplifted results:

The Full Facial Assessment

The first step to enhancing Alison’s face was all about the full facial assessment. As Dr Tracy Mountford notes, Alison has done “little bits here and there” to refresh her face but has “never had a complete full facial assessment of need or a complete treatment.” With this in mind, our experienced nurse prescriber Karolina Jendras took a closer look at the overall structure of Alison’s face to identify areas that could be treated to create more optimal and visibly noticeable results. The following key areas were treated with fillers:

Alison’s facial treatment explained

As a patient who has not had any cosmetic work done in the last 10 years, Alison started to notice visible volume loss in her undereye area, as well as a loss of strength and definition to her cheeks and jawline. Karolina listened to these concerns before generating a bespoke treatment programme that would help Alison look like a younger and fresher version of herself.

Karolina explains this strategic non-surgical facelift treatment approach:

“We want to make sure that Alison comes out looking fresher, rejuvenated and maybe even a younger version of herself.” The goal is to “address all of her needs in one go” with a holistic treatment that rejuvenates multiple areas of her face. The secret to creating a revitalised appearance with fillers is delivering “a fresher look without looking overdone.”

Upper face refresh

By working directly on the midface and cheek area, Karolina aimed to create a cheek lift while minimising the appearance of sagging jowls and creating better-contoured cheeks. She also added filler to the undereye area to make Alison’s eyes look more alert and less fatigued.

Lower face treatment

In the lower half of the face, Karolina directed her focus on the chin area and under the mouth to “create more structure” and lift in Alison’s jawline area. Together, these two approaches have helped to strengthen Alison’s skin while giving her an instant natural lift and glow.

The Results

After receiving her full facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers injections treatment, Alison immediately commended her natural-looking results.

She commented: “I’m so glad that it looks natural, and I feel more lifted. I don’t feel so saggy, I feel more glowy. It just feels so much better. It’s lovely.”

Immediate Rejuvenation

Karolina emphasised how she applied her treatment strategy to create maximum impact with minimal intervention:

“We put some filler in the undereye area to create a fresher look and we’ve addressed the midface to help lift and improve the jawline. We also did some work around the chin area. In a couple of weeks, everything will look even better and more hydrated.”

Fresher and Better

Dr Mountford concludes Alison’s treatment by emphasising how achieving understated rejuvenation is The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s ultimate goal: “It is lovely to see such a great natural result, and this is what we are trying to demonstrate. It should look like nothing has been done, but fresher and better. The proof of the pudding is in what the patient says.”

If you would like to find out more about Alison’s transformative facial filler treatment, call our London clinic or our Buckinghamshire clinic on 0333 242 8528. Alternatively, fill out our enquiry form here to arrange your own facial filler consultation with us.

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