Coolscupt – What It’s Really Like To Have Your Body Fat Frozen

Coolscupt – What It’s Really Like To Have Your Body Fat Frozen


August 17th

Beauty writer Jane Cunningham, also known as British Beauty Blogger, featured an article that takes you through her experience of having body fat frozen through a non-invasive treatment of CoolSculpting.

Jane’s treatment took place at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, the number one clinic in the UK for CoolSculpting.

How does Coolsculpting work?

“Coolsculpt works by freezing the fat cells over a period of time (35 minutes) by damaging so they’re no longer wanted by the body. You end up excreting them out but that takes place over three months or so, very gradually. The Coolsculpt machine is an impressive piece of kit – huge for a start, with various attachments depending upon what area you are targeting – that makes a whirring noise that was a bit like being on a plane. There’s something about plane noise that makes me instantly sleepy and that’s exactly what happened with Coolsculpt.”

Coolsculpting itself takes anywhere from 35 to 60 minutes depending on the areas being treated and is a comfortable treatment with many patients able to easily check emails, read or even fall asleep during their non-invasive procedure. Like Jane who “semi-dozed, listening to a podcast, with the whirr in the background.”

What to expect?

Our Coolsculpting expert honestly explains the “outcomes, pain and expectations. She told me to expect some very slight skin laxity at the very top of my arm because it’s there already and sculpting won’t change that. She also told me some people find it more painful than others – I was very much braced for pain as the intense cooling took place but in fact, it was (luckily for me) very mild. You can feel your flesh cooling down – right down – and depending upon your threshold, I imagine it could be quite sore, but really my arms just felt solid and numb with a side order of slight discomfort.”

Who can benefit from this treatment?

“It’s not a weight loss treatment but targets very stubborn areas that can’t be shifted with diet and exercise. I’m really a perfect candidate – happy with my size, a regular exerciser (walking and yoga) and yet just have upper arm contours that aren’t in line with the rest of my body.” Jane highlights that “the fat that has melted away will never return but you could, in theory, in extreme circumstances, end up filling surrounding fat cells. I’m not skinny (happy with my weight and shape on the whole) and nor are my ‘new’ arms but they fit the rest of me perfectly, so they don’t feel like the odd bit out.”

How long did it take to see results?

“After six weeks I went back for my check and by then, the results were very obvious – the ‘hang’ had more or less disappeared. Eight weeks later, and I didn’t think I needed the second recommended treatment.  Twelve weeks later, I’m sure that I don’t.”

She comments she “really couldn’t be more impressed with Coolsculpt – it’s exceeded my expectations and I’ve been bare armed for weeks (when our rotten summer allows). I mean, I just don’t think about what tops I put on any more which was exactly what I wanted to achieve.”

Why should I pick The Cosmetic Skin Clinic for my CoolSculpting treatment?

Along with over 50,000 treatments performed and our 5-star reputation from 650+ independent Trustpilot reviews, you can trust that your fat-freezing treatment is in expert hands.

To find out more about getting CoolSculpting at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, simply fill out our online enquiry form, or contact our London and Buckinghamshire clinic 0330 057 5425.

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