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December 2022

Polly Vernon, journalist and feature writer reveals her “exploration of the tweakment-verse began in earnest.” In her early 40s, Polly Vernon had gone through positive, negative and mixed events in her life that put an internal spotlight on her appearance. Polly makes the argument for why she is in support of getting Botox and other tweakments.

When did she first have Botox?

Her first experience of subtle Botox was seven years ago, and it definitely made her feel better about her elevenses, “the downward-reaching, serious and sad-looking grooves that had settled between her eyebrows.” She wanted to reduce their appearance and it worked.

Polly carried on with her Botox treatments, “never more than twice a year” she states. Most recently her latest Botox was with The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Dr Joanna Christou. Dr Joanna Christou treated Polly Vernon for her crow’s feet and elevense and also her chin to combat the pebbling dimpled effect.

“My tweaked face feels like my hair with a good blow-dry: it’s still my face, just at its swishest best.”

Has Polly tried Profhilo?

She has tried muscle relaxant and along the way her journey expanded to Profhilo, “a gloriously plumping injection of hyaluronic acid” in which she got a lot more informed about the rapidly developing science behind cosmetic treatments and the artistry of amazing practitioners.

Does she go heavy or subtle with her tweakments?

Polly wisely advises that in any tweakment journey it is all about “tweaking done well amounts to a succession of incredibly gentle adjustments”. So, a little bit here, and a little bit there which is effectively The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s sprinkle technique of ensuring subtly but results.

Has Polly Vernon ever had filler?

Yes, “on the recommendation of Christou” she has had filler in her lips, cheekbones and temples, but never more than once every two years. She is careful to not overdo fillers so she can easily avoid the overdone look.

What about radiofrequency or ultrasound treatments?

Polly Vernon admits she has “ambled cheerfully into the territory of tweaks that do not incorporate a needle.” She has a “couple of goes on Judy Murray’s favourite, Morpheus8 (which harnesses radiofrequency” and microneedling. Polly has also tried the “lifting and glow-inducing Ultherapy (which works with ultrasound technology and is one of my favourites) at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

What does she think of the results?

Polly is “so happy with the results.” She says, “my tweaked face feels like my hair with a really good blow-dry: it’s definitely still my face, just at its swishest, shiniest, most glamorous best.”

She is delighted with her choice to delve into tweakments while acknowledging that at the core of it all “every last one of us should be happy and free to age” as we would like.

What about the stigma about cosmetic tweakments?

“The stigma around tweakments has subsided dramatically in the years” since Polly Vernon started her own tweakments. To combat any remaining stigma, Polly reveals she tells everyone what she’s had done, from what she’s had and where, “how much it hurt, passing out tips and recommendations.”

“Should you get tweaked too?”

Only if you want to and this comes with the strongest advice to go to reputable and trained practitioners only, particularly the “subtle brigade” as Polly calls them. If you’re the type of person who will swerve “back-street practitioners and their questionable, internet bought product” and as long as you are coming from a good and healthy place mentally for why you want these tweakments, it’s okay.

Will you have more tweakments?

Polly confirms she would definitely get more tweakments, but only when it’s time and a reputable doctor has an available appointment for her.

Botox and other tweakments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

Through injectables such as Botox, Dermal Filler and Profhilo to gold-standard treatments like Morpheus8 and Ultherapy, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic take a holistic approach to creating bespoke yet natural results.

This is achieved thanks to our 23 years of aesthetic knowledge, experience and innovative technology. You can trust our CQC-registered, multi-award-winning clinic for fresher and more youthful results.

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