Ultherapy and Profhilo: The Benefits of Combination Treatments


Today, our Senior Medical practitioner Esther Loughran is showing us how she combines skincare treatments to give the best possible results for patients. Combination skin treatments can work wonders on patients who want to maximise visible results in the quickest amount of time.

One of Esther’s favourite combinations is what she calls ‘The CSC Lift, Tighten and Glow’ therapy, which fuses advanced ultrasound technology (Ultherapy) with a collagen-stimulating injectable (Profhilo):

  • Ultherapy, is the leading ultrasound non-surgical procedure for firming tightening and lifting the skin. – in less than an hour with minimal, if any downtime.
  • Profhilo, is the latest injectable treatment specifically designed to address ageing by stimulating collagen and elastin production to smooth and tighten the skin at the same time.

Ultherapy and Profhilo in combination

Our patient Tracey wanted us to treat the laxity and sagging skin around her jawline and neck, and kindly allowed us to film her procedure. Esther combined the benefits of Ultherapy and Profhilo to achieve uplifting and revitalising results. Watch the full video below:

Lifting and Tightening with Ultherapy

The first treatment Esther carried out was Ultherapy to achieve a tightening and lifting effect on the skin. Ultherapy’s advanced ultrasound technology generates a thermal effect in deep skin layers to stimulate fresh collagen and elastin production. These vital skin proteins restore structure and support to the skin to give it a smooth and taut complexion. Esther achieves the result by firstly dividing the face into treatment zones before applying a soothing lubricated gel to them.

The face is then scanned and ultrasound is delivered to the targeted muscles and deeper skin layers. This remodels existing collagen and elastin stores while encouraging fresh stores to form. 

Ultherapy allows you to go straight back to work and carry on with your day immediately after treatment. For a few days, it is normal to feel some tenderness and numbness. But this quickly fades to reveal lifted and enhanced skin. 

Skin-boosting with Profhilo

The second treatment is Profhilo, a breakthrough technological advancement for skin-boosting and remodelling. This advanced treatment is a high-concentration hyaluronic acid that improves skin elasticity and texture when injected into targeted areas. It restores structure to the skin by renewing and stimulating collagen stores. But it also stands out for its deeply hydrating properties, which give the skin a youthful luminosity. 

Profhilo and Ultherapy work synergistically because they target different structures beneath the skin where the ageing is taking place. This enables patients to not only improve existing signs of ageing, but also give the skin a long-term boost. Both treatments continually stimulating and energising the skin for months after the treatment has taken place. 

If you would like to find out more about Ultherapy and Profhilo, then please drop us an email at info@cosmeticskinclinic for more information or call one of our clinics in London and Buckinghamshire on 0343 253 8240, and one of our expert practitioners will be happy yo help! Be sure to visit our weekly Q&A on YouTube for further insider advice!

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