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What Is ‘Skin Investment’? And why is it booming post-lockdown?


May 2021

Beauty writer Emily Stoddart of Grazia magazine charts the post-lockdown boom in skin investment treatments. She documents how we have spent over lots of our time staring at ourselves in Zoom meetings, with “the number of daily Zoom users skyrocketing from 10 million in December 2019 to over 200 million in 2020.” While we have been glued to the screens, the public interest in “skincare” has also really took off, with sales of retinols, anti-ageing serums and face masks also increasing. We are all now “investing in the health of our skin” as a direct result of this “Zoom Boom.”

Cosmetic doctors like Dr Tracy Mountford have reflected on the rise of this new era of “skin-vestment.” She comments:

“Skin-vestment is a trend we’re seeing whereby more people really want to invest in their skin post-lockdown. Patients are having aesthetic treatments for the first time, they’re investing in their skin health, and some are looking for greater longevity in their non-surgical treatments.”

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s partner, The Private Clinic, has also noted a “160% year-on-year increase in bookings for non-surgical procedures including facial lasers and skin-boosting treatments.” Dr Mountford backs this up with observations from her own clinic:

“The industry as a whole is experiencing a sharp rise in the demand for non-invasive, skin savvy treatments. This increase is no doubt fuelled by the Zoom boom and people seeing themselves non-stop on virtual calls.” With this ‘Zoom Boom’ in mind, Emily Stoddart asks Dr Mountford about the top treatments that patients are now pursuing to invest in the skin health for the long-term.

Ultherapy as an Investment

Ultherapy is one of the world’s leading skin tightening and lifting treatments that uses advanced ultrasound technology to rejuvenate the skin. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic has noticed a “growing interest” in this treatment thanks to its ability to “boost natural collagen” in the body. Dr Mountford elaborates:

“Patients are increasingly seeking out treatments that work with the body to boost natural collagen.” Ultherapy works by boosting “skin from insider out” to achieve a “fresh-faced, natural lift” that boosts the skin in a totally unique when compared to dermal fillers.

The great thing about this investment treatment is that results are also extremely long-lasting. In just one 30-minute session, patients can stimulate their own natural collagen stores and lift and firm their skin, with results that last between “12 months and two years.” This makes this natural-looking treatment one of the best solutions out there to rejuvenate the skin for the long term.

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