The secret to a neat jawline – The Times

November 2023 

The Times 

Beauty journalist and founder of The Editor’s List, Olivia Falcon, looks into the secret to a neat jawline. She explores the new treatments available for those who are looking for tight jowls. Olivia features The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Lee Garrett, throwing a well-deserved spotlight on his much loved ‘Garrett Curve’ technique. 

Clinics across Britain are experiencing a surge in requests for jaw-shaping solutions, driven by a variety of factors including: 

  • Middle aged weight gain 
  • Yo-yo dieting 

Which can result in swift weight loss and subsequently leading to skin laxity. 

Nonetheless, if you’re not yet prepared for a facelift but are feeling disheartened by the early signs of sagging jowls, there are several minimally invasive cosmetic procedures available to enhance facial firmness and reduce sagging skin. 

What is the ‘Garrett Curve’? 

The ‘Garrett Curve’ rejuvenates and lifts your jawline through the power of dermal fillers and Lee Garrett’s 25+ years’ experience.  

Who is the ideal candidate for the ‘Garrett Curve’? 

“This treatment is ideal for patients looking for a feminine look with curved jaw definition, rather than a harsh, chiselled look,” Garrett says.  

What is Lee’s process for this technique? 

Garrett explains, “First I look to reinforce the chin, which recedes with age, with Teoxane RHA4, a mobile hyaluronic acid filler that is good for volumising in soft tissue, before working across the lower face injecting filler in a similar way to the Swift Lift, back towards the ear to restore the angle of the jaw.” 

Are there any side effects? 

Certain individuals may experience slight bruising and swelling that typically subsides within a few days. 

When do you see results and how long do they last for? 

The great thing about the ‘Garrett Curve’ is that the results of this treatment are immediate and last for approximately 18 months. 

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