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February 2022

Profhilo® Body is a game changer but also ground-breaking. In Tatler’s Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2022, we delve into the latest and greatest aesthetic development that is Profhilo® Body. Founder of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, Dr Tracy Mountford supports Profhilo® Body and explain why it’s great news for patients.

From Profhilo to Profhilo® Body

Profhilo truly has “the magic touch”. A popular 2021 treatment “thanks to its wondrous anti-ageing, skin-plumping capabilities” has now “extended its expertise to treat the body.”

Thanks to its amazing effect on skin laxity for the face and neck, demand has increased for Profhilo to work its magic on the rest of the body. Enter: Profhilo® Body.

“Profhilo Body is the new wave, allowing everyone to discover the marvel of this unique stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) all over again.”

What’s so great about Profhilo Body?

The reason to be so excited about this development is that it is:

  • the “efficacy of Profhilo® Body on mild to moderate skin laxity and roughness of the abdomen and the inner arm has been clinically proven.”
  • Profhilo is a great preventative treatment for areas such as the arms and abdomen that have suffered from sun damage.
  • “excellent for enhancing the effects of energy-based aesthetic body treatments for weight loss and body contouring“.

How did Profhilo® Body come to be?

Profhilo was already “established as the first choice of collagen and elastin stimulator for the improvement of skin quality.” Profhilo® Body was developed as a result of a study that was “carried out on behalf of IBSA Derma – creators of Profhilo and Profhilo® Body, and the world leader in products based on HA.”

The study showed that patients devoted 80% of their aesthetic medicine treatment time on their faces, with the “remaining 20 per cent taken up by the body.”

Interviews with the patients showed a clear detachment that they had with body treatments. This feeling was “fuelled by uncertainty about potential solutions” due to inconsistent, fragmented and inaccurate knowledge. Aesthetic medicine for the body is still seen as an unattractive area, with only plastic surgery or energy devices as the solution.

Men and women “perceive their desire to work on their bodies in a non-explicit way” with repercussions on their daily lives from:

  • Not feeling comfortable in their body
  • Feeling inadequate in all their clothes
  • No longer wearing sleeveless outfits and feeling as if they can only wear clothes that cover their bodies

Add time to these scenarios, and it can exacerbate specific areas like the inner arms and abdomen to become worse.

When it comes to treating skin laxity, both patients and practitioners want the same goal – “firming and toning efficacy with therefore greater skin elasticity and firmness, long-lasting results, and an absence of side effects. Happily, this is precisely what Profhilo® Body provides.”

Is Profhilo® Body really the answer?

In a nutshell, “doctors realised patients still required a treatment for skin laxity, and Profhilo® Body was the clear answer.” Dr Tracy Mountford, founder of the multi-award-winning Cosmetic Skin Clinic couldn’t agree more.

“It’s no mere figure of speech or empty marketing device to say that there is literally nothing else the same as Profhilo” says Dr Tracy Mountford. “It’s a verifiable truth, because all injectables are most definitely not the same, or even much of a muchness. Profhilo is far more than an injectable moisturiser. It actually occupies a category of its own as a bio-remodeller. It’s a whole separate option in the injectable portfolio, entirely distinct from wrinkle relaxing treatments and dermal fillers.”

What does Profhilo® Body mean for aesthetic treatments?

Profhilo® Body is a game changer but also ground-breaking as “after all, this is ultra-pure HA – the highest available concentration – without the addition of chemicals to bio-remodel collagen and elastin while hydrating the skin. The outcome? Anti-ageing on multiple levels.”

To find out more about Profhilo® Body treatment at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, simply give our London or Stoke Poges, Bucks clinic a call on 0333 242 9285 or book your consultation here.

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