The £1400 Facelift For Your Décolletage

The £1400 ‘facelift’ for your décolletage

By Lucia Ferrari

4th March 2020

Dr Sophie Shotter was interviewed by Lucia Ferrari for The Daily Mail recently on the latest anti-ageing treatment for the décolletage: ‘The £1400 ‘facelift’ for your décolletage.

In the warmer weather neglected necks and chests can be more of a giveaway of age than your hands!

In this article Dr Sophie explains, ‘as we hit the menopause, we get a reduction in oestrogen which can make the skin so much drier. So, it’s no wonder our chests look more creased than our faces in the morning!’

DR Sophie recommended for Lucia a peel combined with microneedling and an ‘at home clinic-strength aftercare kit’ prescribed specifically to Lucia’s individual skin type.

Lucia talks us through the main part of the treatment; Firstly, a layer of numbing cream is administered half an hour pre microneedling.

Once the microneedling has finished, a serum is applied and massaged in to help soothe the skin. This process is then repeated over the next 3 weeks. (Four treatments one week apart). More damaged skin may require further treatments, but your practitioner will be able to advise on this.

Lucia Ferrari’s verdict: ‘After the second Microneedling treatment there is a noticeable improvement, and by the end of the course, I’m delighted. My skin looks firmer, smoother and is even less creased first thing in the morning’.

Other treatments options below can used on their own or combined in a multi layered approach for boosting the collagen and smoothing out the neck and décolleté:

Ultherapy – to improve the lines and lift and tighten the skin on the chest and neck

Profhilo – Stimulates collagen and acts to improve the skins tissue quality and elasticity – lifting & tightening sagging skin

Skinboosters – Hydrate the skin deep within the dermis diminishing the appearance of wrinkles

Tixel – to improve texture, tone, fine lines and wrinkles & skin discoloration

Microneedling – creates tiny puncture wounds to stimulate new collagen production to improve skin quality and reduce pore size

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