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February 2022

In Tatler’s Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2022, EMSculpt NEO is the treatment on trial, and it holds up. Energy based treatments for leg shaping have been pretty underwhelming, so to shake things up, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic have introduced the latest EMSculpt NEO. The EMSculpt NEO total leg treatment is done by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s senior medical aesthetician, Magda Szczukiewicz.

What is Emsculpt NEO?

EMScuplt NEO is a “souped version of the original muscle-defining device, with the added perk of skin-firming, fat blitzing radiofrequency.”

What does it do?

“The treatment targets the entire circumference of the thighs and calves – effectively debulking heavy-looking legs, while honing and toning – so lie back on the bed as EMSculpt pro Magda Szczukiewicz does her stuff.”

What happens?

Magda attaches and secures the plastic paddles to specific areas with Velcro straps. “What follows is a rhythmic dance of zaps and taps, mildly reminiscent of a 1980s Slendertone machine, which can be dialled up or down in intensity. The process is repeated until the entirety of the legs has been treated – each cycle takes 30 minutes – and a course of four treatments, one week apart, is advised.”

Is EMSculpt Neo painful?

“While never painful, the sensation is intense, ticklish and, frankly, odd. Afterwards muscles feel exhausted – as if they’ve done a decent workout – so skipping the gym that evening is suggested.”

Is there any downtime required?

“None at all to speak of, bar a slight feeling of fatigue.”

How are the results?

This treatment is “less about achieving a large reduction in weight, more about tightening and toning. However, after the course is completed, legs do look gratifyingly more svelte. Feel free to flash them with abandon.”

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