Stop ‘Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys’ As Seen In The Mail On Sunday

As seen in The Mail on Sunday a very distressed lady was burnt and left in agony after being treated with a ‘fat busting treatment’ by an untrained therapist.

The Mail On Sunday went onto say that it was yet another discounted treatment available to the public with no regard for the patient’s safety which is why The Cosmetic Skin Clinic welcomes regulation in the aesthetics industry to help prevent these problems occurring and to help keep members of the public safer with regard to their choices for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Dr Mountford Says: 

“This was a complication waiting to happen with the huge upsurge in the UK of non-FDA cleared cryolipolysis devices and a largely unregulated industry. Unfortunately with the huge demand for cosmetic procedures there is a temptation for some members of the public to go for the cheaper option rather than for quality and a long standing safety record. This is why when I acquired a cryolipolysis technology I only considered Coolsculpting, which is FDA cleared (indeed it is the only FDA cleared cryolipolysis technology available at present) backed up by strong clinical evidence of safety and efficacy. This technology has inbuilt safety features that helps prevent this type of complication occurring and hence why our patients feel reassured.”

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