Reflecting on 25 Years in Aesthetics

In December 2014 Dr Tracy Mountford was featured in the 25 Years in Aesthetics- Aesthetics Journal’ in which the editor, Amanda Cameron reflected on Dr Tracy Mountford and Dr Patrick Bowlers 25 years in the industry.

In the article Amanda reflects on how times have changed since she first started working in the aesthetic medical industry back in 1989, when there were much fewer treatments than we have on the market now. Dr Mountford says “Treatments have become more refined with a more comfortable experience for the patient; we can now sculpt, contour with Coolsculpting or rejuvenate parts of the body we couldn’t have dreamed of non-surgically 25 years ago”.

Dr Mountford and Dr Bowler were Amanda’s first customers when she worked as a sales and training manager for Collagen Corporation. Amanda talks about how both Doctors saw the potential of the market and worked hard to gain the skills and knowledge required to reach their current levels of expertise.

Dr Mountford tells Amanda how due to the advancements in the internet and exposure to celebrity culture has led to patients becoming “Mini experts- Sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly”. The celebrity culture has also led to a noticeable change within clinics where there are a growing number of younger patients than ever before.

Regulation within the aesthetics industry is a topic both Doctors feel strongly about, especially with the rise in unqualified people carrying out treatments which can lead to horrific injuries or illnesses. Dr Mountford says “I would have expected more legislation to be in place by now”. However she goes on to say that “All we can do is forge forward with our own self-regulation, and help to educate the public further.”

New technology comes hand in hand with regulation; Dr Mountford explains “You should watch how a product or technology develops in the market place before jumping on the bandwagon. Generally speaking, using only FDA approved products is crucial to this.” She adds “I always say, ‘new does not always mean better’.”

For those wanting to enter the world of Medical Aesthetics Dr Mountford recommends, “Start small and hone your craft, if you are good patients will come. Keep your level of training high, regularly attend conferences and share ideas and concepts regarding best practise with colleagues.”

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