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Body Language – Olivia Falcon fast tracks her fitness at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

Country and Town House

May 2021

Editor, beauty journalist and founder of ‘The Editor’s List’ Olivia Falcon super-charges her fitness results with a little help from EMSculpt Neo body contouring. In an effort to get her look “bikini body ready” for the summer, she embraced the chance to try out the latest version of EMSculpt’s cutting-edge non-invasive body sculpting solution. EMSculpt Neo is the “latest version of a machine that’s touted to reduce fat pockets by up to 30 percent, and build muscle by up to 25 percent.”

Upon learning of these impressive results, Olivia could not wait to get herself out of her “elasticated leggings and back into a pair of jeans.”

The beauty of the technology is that it can help strategically sculpt and redefine the bumps and fat bulges that are giving you the most trouble when it comes to fitting into your summer clothes. The body sculpting machine works by “fusing two advanced technologies into one, combining electromagnetic energy with radiofrequency stimulation to destroy fat cells and build up muscle mass.”

Firstly, the electromagnetic fields “trigger thousands of muscle contractions” which make you feel like you have just conducted a seriously intense workout. They also sculpt the body in the same way, with one treatment session working out as the equivalent to “doing 20,000 crunches, sit ups or arm dips” depending on the area you are treating.

The treatment is an ideal way to fast-track your fitness results across key areas of the body, as it helps to “tone and treat abs, bums and calves” along with a range of other areas like the thighs and legs. It has also revolutionised the treatment of “hard to treat flabby bingo wings.”

Olivia benefitted from the treatment herself by staring with “four sessions a week” on her tummy, in order to strengthen and define her core. The treatment also helped to improve her performance at the gym while helping to soothe her backache, which was direct result of the “endless lockdown inertia.”

After having just two EMSculpt Neo sessions, Olivia was “indeed able to hold a plank for longer.” At the end of her treatment sessions, she also “felt stronger and looked considerably more toned and even a little chiselled” in her before and after photos that were taken post-treatment. Happy with her results, she has labelled it as “the ultimate secret weapon to fast-track.. fitness results and hit the ground running” post-lockdown.

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