Profhilo – a moisturiser in a jab is 2019’s anti-wrinkle treatment.

‘Profhilo – a moisturiser in a jab is 2019’s anti-wrinkle treatment.’

The Times – Olivia Falcon

Saturday 5th January

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic was featured in The Times ‘Body & Soul’ section of Weekend Magazine where Olivia Falcon founder of The Editors List describes her Profhilo® treatment as “a moisturiser in a jab” and as “the most flattering Instagram filter on your skin”.

This is how she describes her Profhilo® treatment;

“It’s not a filler and it doesn’t immobilise your forehead.” Says Olivia Falcon, in the latest of her tweakment trials…

She goes onto say…”If that expensive face cream is no longer cutting it, there’s a new treatment on the block that’s likely to be huge in 2019. It’s called Profhilo® and it’s a series of small injections to the face that rehydrate and re-texture crepey skin in a way that no topical lotion could do… It is essentially a moisturiser in a jab… I liken it to putting the most flattering Instagram filter on your skin.’ In her 16 years beauty career, she says it’s the best thing she has seen in a long time.

Profhilo® is a bio re-modeller which nourishes dermal cells and activates receptors to improve and restore firmness of the skin. you can use it on the face neck hands and chest areas. You can find out more in-depth information about Profhilo® here.

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