Firm-Up Eyes With A Secret Weapon

You might just have heard of an excellent body contouring treatment called Thermage – well at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic we also use Thermage as our secret weapon against the tired, ‘crepey’ skin around the eyes.

The treatment focusses radio frequency energy into the skin to kick-start the body’s natural renewal process. It’s perfect for 45-60 year olds – anyone with fine, fair, wrinkled skin that’s lost its elasticity. In fact, anyone who needs upper lids lifted and firmed as well as smoothing out the wrinkles around the eyes and those under-eye lines.

It might take several treatments until the full effect is achieved, but most patients find it a quick and painless way to lift the area around the eye.

Woman & Home Magazine recently featured Thermage for eyes in their ‘Look Amazing’ feature and said: “with top-ups only needed annually, it could be a no-pain, lots of gain eye-saver.”

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