Daily Mail Column ‘Nip & Tuck’ by Dr Tracy Mountford – October 2016

The ‘Nip & Tuck’ articles by Dr Tracy Mountford appear weekly, in print and online for the Daily Mail’s new Monday magazine; ‘Inspire’.

During October 2016, Dr Tracy Mountford’s recommended various non-surgical cosmetic treatments in her ‘Nip & Tuck’ column on: ‘how to improve the nose’, ‘smooth the appearance of smile lines’, ‘loose stubborn fat’, ‘boost the bust without surgery’, and ‘smooth the appearance of deep hollows and bags under the eyes’.  In the articles she advises on a number of non-surgical cosmetic treatments for readers to consider:

“I am in my 50s and have always hated my nose. It isn’t quite straight and the wrinkles across the bridge make it worse. I don’t want an operation, so is it possible to fix it without going under the knife?”

daily-mail-nip-and-tuck-31-October-2016-dr-tracy-mountford-non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Dr Mountford recommends non-surgical rhinoplasty as the most effective treatment for nose reshaping. Rhinoplasty is a 20 to 30-minute treatment injecting HA dermal fillers, without the need for surgery. This gives immediate results without any recovery downtime. Wrinkles on the nose can be treated with dermal fillers. This non-surgical nose job is becoming ever more popular as surgery requires longer time for recovery and the results to be visible.

“I hate my deep smile lines. How can I get rid of them?”

daily-mail-nip-and-tuck-24-October-2016-dr-tracy-mountford-non-surgical cosmetic treatments

This reader said that she has clear skin and not many wrinkles but she has smile lines that run from her nose to the corners of her mouth.

Dr Mountford says that these lines may appear at an early age, even with the absence of other wrinkles. They may not be ageing but with time they may draw the face downwards. Previously, fillers were used to soften these lines. This has been successful but may lead to an overfilled, puffy appearance if the treatments are done too frequently. Nowadays, there are other more sophisticated and natural looking non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Fillers can be placed deep within the skin, starting from high on the cheekbones and temples towards the lower parts of the face. This will lift and support the whole face to soften the deep smile lines. This procedure, as known as the ‘eight point lift’, involves injecting a small amount of filler to achieve a very natural looking result.

“Help! I exercise but can’t lose fat from my thighs?”

daily-mail-nip-and-tuck-17-October-2016-dr-tracy-mountford-non-surgical cosmetic treatments

The lady asking the question is 56 years old and feels she is fit and healthy. She feels frustrated because no matter how much she exercises and eats a healthy diet, she can’t lose weight from her thighs and bottom. She is a size 14 now but was overweight in her 30s.

Dr Mountford explains that this fat can be genetic, but may appear during menopause or just because of general weight gain. Previously, this type of fat was treated with liposuction, which involves wearing support garments and longer downtime. A non-surgical alternative to liposuction is a cryolipolysis treatment, such as Coolsculpting. This is a fat freezing treatment, approved by the U.S Food And Drug Administration for many areas including recent FDA approval for below the bottom (commonly referred to as the ‘banana roll’). Fat freezing cools the target area and kills the fat cells. This gives long term results. Patients often feel their skin becomes smoother after the treatment.

“How can I boost my bust without surgery?”

dail-mail-nip-and-tuck-10-October-2016-dr-tracy-mountford-non-surgical cosmetic treatments

A 50 years old women expressed concerns regarding her drooping breasts after three children. Chest creams did not have any results and she doesn’t want surgery. Dr Mountford says sagging breast are common after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The most appropriate non-surgical cosmetic treatments would be to use ‘threads’ and ultherapy to lift the breasts. Both treatments are performed non-surgically so there is no downtime or scaring and give results of a few centimeters lift. Ultherapy remodels and tightens collagen through ultrasound, and takes approximately 16-20 weeks to see the final results.

“Is there a quick fix for the deep bags under my eyes?”

daily-mail-nip-and-tuck-26-September-2016-dr-tracy-mountford-non-surgical cosmetic treatments

A lady in her 50s asked if there are any non-invasive and little recovery time treatments for her deep hollows and bags under her eyes. Dr Mountford says that under-eye hollows can be genetic, make you look very tired and can appear in young people as well. It may be due to fat loss in the under eye area.

The most effective non-surgical cosmetic treatments is known as ‘tear trough’ procedure which is a hyaluronic acid filler, which will correct the ‘sunken’ look by making the under-eye area look less dark and bags look less obvious. This treatment is safe with minimal marking, swelling or downtime, if performed by the right cosmetic doctor. However, as every person is different, bruising or swelling after the treatment varies. Usually the downtime is only a day or two, if any. You can continue normal activities the next day although it may be worth having a concealer handy. In certain situations, a cosmetic or plastic surgeon may be necessary if the eye bags are very advanced. However, non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the under-eyes are effective and deliver high quality results.

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