Daily Mail: I tried to get Angelina Jolie’s jawline: Here’s what works and what doesn’t

March 2024

Daily Mail

In her exploration of jawline aesthetics, journalist Rosie Green reveals her lifelong pursuit of the “snatched” jawline, a hallmark of youthful beauty epitomised by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez. Green humorously reflects on her strategies for concealing perceived imperfections and the diverse array of methods she’s tried in her quest for a more defined jawline. She turns to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Lee Garrett for his much-coveted Garrett Curve treatment.

Exploring Alternative Methods: From Bronzer Contouring to Unconventional Approaches

Green shares her experimentation with various techniques, ranging from the art of bronzer contouring to unconventional solutions like Rockjaw, a gum promising a chiselled jawline through intensive chewing. Despite her attempts, Green humorously acknowledges the limitations of these approaches and seeks a more effective solution.

Enter the “Garrett Curve”: A Game-Changing Jawline Treatment

Green’s journey takes a transformative turn with the introduction of the “Garrett Curve”, a jawline treatment pioneered by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s medically trained aesthetic practitioner Lee Garrett. With over two decades of experience, Garrett provides valuable insights into the underlying factors influencing jawline definition, challenging conventional beliefs about aging and facial aesthetics.

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The Procedure Unveiled: Precision and Artistry in Action

Under Garrett’s expert guidance, Green undergoes the “Garrett Curve” procedure, which involves strategically injecting filler into the jawline to restore volume and create a smooth, defined contour. Utilising Radiesse, a long-lasting filler, Garrett demonstrates precision and artistry in sculpting Green’s jawline, ensuring natural-looking results that enhance her facial femininity.

Lee Garrett says, “It is artistry. With the jaw you need a nice curve from the back of it to the tip of the chin. And if you weren’t experienced you could make the jaw too heavy and wide, changing a feminine face to a masculine one.”

The Moment of Revelation: Next-Level Joy and Lasting Impact

Upon seeing the immediate results in the mirror, Green is “next-level-joyous”. She sees an instant improvement, acknowledging the transformative impact of the procedure. With Garrett’s assurance that the effects will endure for approximately 18 months, Green humorously reflects on the potential long-term savings on polo-neck knitwear, highlighting the enduring benefits of the “Garrett Curve.”

Redefining Beauty and Confidence Through Tailored Aesthetic Procedures

Green’s journey with the “Garrett Curve” exemplifies the power of personalised aesthetic treatments in enhancing confidence and redefining perceptions of beauty and aging. Through the expertise of practitioners like Lee Garrett, individuals like Green can embark on a journey towards achieving their desired aesthetic goals, embracing newfound confidence and self-assurance along the way.

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