Christie Brinkley – How 60 has become the new 30!

In an article for The Daily Mail this week, model and actress Christie Brinkley has spoken openly about her journey with non-surgical cosmetic treatments, sharing her secrets to looking 20 years younger in her 60s!

Having explored herself the use of Muscle Relaxing treatments, Dermal Fillers, Thermage and Clear + Brilliant, Christie refrains from advising others on what treatments they should have to achieve her specific look and instead simply spoke about what has, and hasn’t, worked for her. This is important as not all non-surgical treatment solutions are ‘one-size fits all’, which is why Dr Mountford recommends speaking to an experienced cosmetic medical practitioner who should work with you to develop a bespoke treatment plan to address your specific concerns.

Christie also expresses a keen interest in what may benefit her skin, discussing radio frequency skin tightening including Thermage along with Clear+Brilliant, her preferred laser skin resurfacing treatment. A signature treatment which has long been exclusive to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the combination of Thermage skin tightening and Clear+Brilliant laser, named Tight+Bright. As well as acting to firm and rejuvenate the skin, both of these key treatments stimulate the formation of new collagen, causing skin quality and firmness to continue improving over time.

“Fill, don’t stuff”

“A light refresher”

“Tweak, but don’t correct”

“Find the right doctor”

Dr Tracy MountfordChristie’s statements above, shared in her recent article ‘How DOES she do it?… Christie Brinkley admits looking this good at 61 is hard work’, align closely to our ethos at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. In particular, her reference to “Fill, don’t stuff” resonates closely with Dr Mountford’s ‘Less is more’ approach to injecting. Known for her light hands and artistry, this approach starts with a full facial assessment to identify the patients key treatment areas*. Carefully placed Dermal Fillers are then used to redefine facial contours, creating a gentle, airbrushed appearance.

Dr Tracy Mountford applauds how Christie Brinkley has spoken so openly about what she has had done to maintain her look saying…

“More and more celebrities are now ‘coming out’ about what treatments they have had to stay looking ‘red carpet ready’. Christie is a perfect example of someone who has done their research and is very well informed. She has found a combination of solutions to find the best fit for her and in doing so has taken advice from experienced medical professionals. This approach will most certainly have contributed to her looking so naturally beautiful at the age of 61 – arguably looking better than some do in their 40s!”

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