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The Hit Parade: Top Cosmetic Doctors 2021


March 2021

As part of the highly coveted Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide, Tatler beauty director Francesca White unveils 2021’s “Top 40 surgeons and cosmetic doctors.” This hotly anticipated annual list reveals an in-depth ‘Who’s who’ of the cosmetic industry, featuring only the very best clinicians.

Yet again, practitioners at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic have been honoured and celebrated for their amazing work. Our very own Dr Tracy Mountford has been commended again as one of the UK’s Best “filler” Doctors, having taken the title for the last 8 years in a row. In addition to this illustrious accolade, Tatler’s exclusive list also features Dr Joanna Christou again this year, who is profiled for her skills in a range of non-surgical treatments, from Ultherapy and dermal fillers to Profhilo and Sculptra.

Dr Tracy Mountford – Tatler’s Top Cosmetic Doctor 2021

 Francesca details why Dr Tracy Mountford is one of the most highly respected clinicians in UK aesthetics:

“Perhaps it’s because she’s one of the UK’s longest-serving injectors (though you wouldn’t guess, with her fabulous bone structure). Or maybe it’s because The Cosmetic Skin Clinic founder knows, instinctively, how to make the face look fresher.”

“Her mantra is ‘minimal intervention, maximum impact’ and she injects intuitively, rather than adhering to prescribed ratios and codes.”

Francesca also comments on Dr Tracy Mountford’s enviable skill range and depth of expertise. She offers a wide variety of life-changing treatments, like “strengthening the chin, picking up the jawline and elevating the mid-face beautifully.” But Mountford is also heralded as being “instinctive when it comes to using devices such as Ultherapy to stimulate “new collagen and elastin in the deep structural layers of the skin.”

Dr Mountford explains how her approach is always completely individualised and personal: “Our technique is incredibly bespoke,” she says. By using treatments in a delicate and highly personalised way, results are both natural-looking and long-lasting in order to “preserve a patient’s unique character.”

“All women are beautiful,’ says Tracy. “The most important part of injecting is not taking that individuality away.”

 Dr Joanna Christou

In line with Dr Mountford’s guiding beauty mantra, Dr Joanna Christou also works with patients to achieve results that enhance natural beauty rather than alter or change it:

When it comes to dermal filler treatments, for example, she takes a strategic yet subtle approach with “filler sprinkles.” Dr Christou explains:

“We inject a little bit here, a little bit there. The filler vanishes into the face because no single area is disproportionally treated – so it’s great for those who don’t want people to detect what they’ve had done.”

Francesca comments on the smart thinking behind this approach: “It also enables her to pre-empt possible falls in different areas of the face – and The Cosmetic Skin Clinic clients love how their twice-yearly top-ups keep their faces looking fresher for longer.”

In terms of treatments, Dr Joanna Christou is a key champion of “hyaluronic acid-based products,” but she also loves collagen-stimulating Sculptra, Profhilo “for added luminosity and juiciness” and “deep-level lifting,” along with “Ultherapy to tighten muscles.” With such approaches, “we’re not augmenting what age has taken away, we’re restoring it. And the results get better and better as time goes by.”

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