Achieving the Body Beautiful in your 40s

The new Ultimo underwear campaign featuring Melanie Sykes has got everyone talking – especially on the Daily Mail forum. The paper reports that underwear sales amongst ‘Sindies’ – Single Income Divorced women – has risen drastically. It’s thought that women in their 40s are working hard to stay in shape and look fabulous. Is there anything that you can do to help keep body and mind in shape and achieve the body beautiful?

Eat Well, Sleep Soundly

Never underestimate the importance of good quality sleep. Deepak Chopra trained, The Sleep Guru explains why a good night’s sleep is vital to stay in shape: “With the best will in the world, a diet and exercise regime is not the be all and end all to get a trim figure. Quality sleep is so key to keeping in shape.  You are also more likely to eat the wrong foods if you are really tired. You may have noticed that when you’re tired, you crave sugar, the simplest fuel to keep the body going, so if you are a big fan of sweet things already, lost sleep is not going to help you at all.

Thigh and Mighty

CoolSmooth is a brand new treatment option from Coolsculpting to freeze and remove fat from your outer thigh area, a real hang-up for lots of women. It’s the first and only non-surgical FDA cleared cryolipolysis solution clinically proven and designed for fat reduction in this specific area. You’ll be pleased to hear that in clinical studies 82% of patients saw undeniable results and 81% said that the treatment results exceeded their expectation. More good news, the treatment can also be used for the inner thigh area so you can feel confident in your lingerie once more! We’ve carried out over 1,200 CoolSculpting successful treatments here at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic so you’re in safe hands, and there’s no downtime. For more information about the treatment and how it works, click on our video:

Coolsculpting is non-surgical with results visible in just 6-8 weeks!

Vein Vein Go Away

There’s nothing worse than unsightly veins on your luscious legs. Whether they’re hereditary or the result of stress on the body from pregnancy there’s a solution to help get your pins perfected. Veins can appear anywhere on the leg from the tops of the thighs all the way down to your ankles and they can deter you from wearing your favourite summer dresses and skirts or sporting swimwear. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s vascular nurse expert Frances Devine, explains all in this video. :

It is possible to be vein-free!

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