Instagram Live With Andrew Barton


Last Friday, Tracy had the pleasure of being joined on an Instagram Live by celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton to discuss what we should (or shouldn’t!) be doing to our hair whilst unable to see our hairdressers.

Andrew Barton: Celebrity Hairdresser

It was our first ever Instagram Live and so technical issues were bound to happen but Dr Mountford expertly held down the fort! Once we got going Andrew was keen to share what he desperately wants people to avoid doing to their hair while we are in lockdown.

He says that hair actually grows quite slowly and there are many ways to disguise greys or re-growth such as mascara or even dry shampoo. The way we style our hair can also make a difference; hair with more texture or that is styled up can disguise the harsh lines from re-growth.

Andrew’s biggest concern is that a lot of people who have been going to a salon to get their hair coloured for years are now reaching for box hair dyes to mask the greys. He explains that box hair dyes don’t have the technique or expertise that your hairdresser has. In the salon your hairdresser never mixes one mixture from a box, it can be 5, 6, 7 or even 10 different types of product!

On the subject of cutting your own hair, Andrew says it is best to avoid it. If you have a fringe and it’s getting too long, simply sweep it to the side. He also says that his favourite at home styling product is a hair mousse as it can really help to hold the hair in place and make a long lasting blow dry.

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