Getting your body ready for festival season with Emsculpt in London


Festival season in London means girls in short shorts and lads without shirts, but are you completely ready for your social media photos or even your outfit? Are you doing everything you can to look and feel your best while you celebrate youth, life, and music in the most stylish way possible? If the answer to either of these questions is, “well, almost”, then we at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic recommend you come in for a consultation for Emsculpt London, where you can target any area of your body that you feel needs a little extra attention while you scroll through your social media.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt London is a revolutionary treatment that not only targets fat loss on certain areas of your body, but also tones up the muscles for you at the same time! It’s ridiculously easy to shed the little pooch you may have grown in the winter or to tackle the saddlebags on the sides of your thighs that just ruin your whole look, giving you the confidence to wear those favourite shorts at your next available outdoor concert.

Special paddles are placed on the area you are looking to sculpt and they contract the muscles while you lay on a bed waiting for your 30-minute session to be over. During this time, the muscles will perform 20,000 contractions, that’s more than you’d do in a targeted workout of the same time. These contractions are what tone the muscles, giving you defined abs or sculpted legs and arms, and it also stimulates the fat to burn away in the area 5 times more effectively than a regular workout.

How long does it take to see results?

You will need 4 treatments spaced over a 2 week period and you will feel stiff like you have been working out, because technically you have. You may also notice an increase in strength after the 2 weeks, but the results will become more obvious as time goes on, and for up to 6 months after treatment you will notice the targeted area continuing to lose fat until you reach the shape you desire, Therefore, it’s prudent to plan your slimming in advance as the results are not an overnight thing.

Is it safe to do multiple body parts?

Emsculpt London is FDA approved and safe to perform, and if you are looking at doing multiple body parts like the buttocks and the stomach then it is safe to do so over a 2 week period, your clinician will schedule your appointments safely apart so that you stand to benefit the most from the treatment.

Who can get the treatment?

The treatment is best suited to those individuals who have a healthy BMI, it is not suitable for major weight loss. You need to be moderately active and on a healthy eating diet to see the best results, this treatment trims, tones, and tightens bodies that just need a little extra help.

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