Fat and CoolSculpting in London explained


Healthy diet and exercise are considered the best way to lose fat, but what happens when you’ve been following a good eating programme and exercising regularly but just aren’t able to shift some stubborn areas of fat? That is where CoolSculpting in London comes in.

Not all fat in the human body is the same. Therefore not all fats are burned off or processed in the same way either. How CoolSculpting in London can help you depends on the type of fat you want to get rid of and how much of it you have. Also, the area on your body you want to target will affect the number of treatments you may need.

Understanding body fat

The types of body fat that can be targeted by CoolSculpting in London are ‘fluffy fat’ and ‘fibrous fat’, both of which fall under the description of ‘subcutaneous fat’ that sits beneath the skin, but above the muscle. Visceral fat, however, is the fat that collects between the organs in the abdominal area and it is considered dangerous. Seeking out medical advice on correct nutrition and safe exercise will help you get the visceral fat under control, while we at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic can help you by treating your subcutaneous stores.

As body fat is essential, there is no escaping it, you need it to maintain body temperature, cushion joints, and protect your internal organs. But how much is then too much? According to healthline.com, the acceptable body fat percentage is between 25%-31% for women and between 18%-24% for men. How that fat is distributed however can depend on many factors:

Genetics – Where you carry most of your weight can largely be dependent on your genetics; some people tend to carry their excess fat on their thighs, while others only carry it on the midsection. Depending on where you’re predisposed to carry fat will indicate where you – as a person with a clinically acceptable body fat percentage – might want to apply a treatment of CoolSculpting.

Hormones – People that are estrogen dominant can carry more fat around their midsection. The hormonal imbalance of women who are either approaching or going through menopause can also increase a collection of fat in the abdominals and on the flanks. Making sure that your hormones are balanced can help reduce irregular body fat.

Poor Diet – Eating foods rich in sodium, high in sugar, and full of saturated and trans fats will cause you to store fat all over your body.

CoolSculpting candidates

If you are close to an acceptable body fat percentage or close to a healthy BMI and simply want to shed the fat in areas you can’t seem to target on your own, then you are an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting. The treatment freezes the fat in a targeted area allowing the body to then pass it. The procedure is completely non-invasive and quick, with no downtime, allowing you to continue with your life without interruptions. You will see results within 8-12 weeks of treatment as the fat leaves your body.

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