Bye Bye Control Pants


You’re slim, you exercise and your diet is pretty good. Yet….somehow as life progresses it seems the waist is increasing and the need for control pants on the stomach and hip area is ever necessary!

In addition there is the worry of detrimental fat loss to the face and other areas if you exercise hard to attempt to reduce the stomach and hip area. The saying has always been ‘you have to choose between the face and the body’. However CoolSculpting provides the perfect solution to this conundrum. With CoolSculpting a long lasting fat loss solution is delivered.

The treatment is non-surgical and the fat loss is achieved by freezing fat cells, which then crystallize and then are dispersed from the body by the immune system which breaks the frozen fat cells down. The applicator is placed on the area to be treated and the fat gets suctioned up and the temperature is dropped to about minus 40 degrees. It is a little uncomfortable but totally bearable.

CoolSculpting works particularly well on the abdomen and flank area but is also highly effective on ‘back fat’ and ‘inner thighs’. The beauty of the treatment is the ability to change the body shape and to recontour. This is known as ‘Treatment to Transformation’.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the leading provider of CoolSculpting in Europe and offers the pioneering DualSculpting treatment.

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