Time to find CoolSculpting near me in London


This treatment is a method that effectively freezes fat in numerous areas on your body. It can deliver long lasting fat reduction that is devoid of the necessary downtime that alternative surgical solutions often will need.

It is proven in various studies to reduce fat cells and it is used as a body contouring method to sculpt your stomach, thighs, arms and around your chin and neck. In fact, it can be used safely on any area of your body where visible fat bulges which can leave you feeling uncomfortable about how you look.

CoolSculpting near me in London can take anywhere between 35 to 60 minutes, so it is a quick and effortless lunch time or after work session that is a productive and proactive means for improving your self-confidence and your appearance. We use this treatment on most areas of the body, including double chins, on the tummy, the thighs, muffin tops, back fat or bra rolls, buttocks or upper arm (bingo wings), to name a few areas.

You can be assured CoolSculpting near me in London treatment is comfortable, with many of our patients taking the time to meditate, read emails, a book or even fall asleep. Take the time to pamper yourself and make a decision that can ultimately lead to a happier and healthier version of you.

How does it actually work?

CoolSculpting near me in London is a precise and controlled way to direct a cooling sensation that is targeted at fat cells beneath the skin. These fat cells are frozen after being penetrated by this device and they shrivel and die over the next few weeks after the treatment.

These crystallised cells that have died are then disposed of in a natural way by your lymphatic system. This treatment has been tested numerous times and rigorously so so that you can be assured of its safety, effectiveness and legitimacy.

Why choose us?

We, at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, are the number one clinic to perform this procedure in both the UK and Europe and have enjoyed this poll position for six consecutive years. We have had all shapes and sizes of patients come through our doors, and our experienced technicians are highly experienced and very capable of helping you to see what the potential results of treatment may be, and can help you to achieve them.

Our team has a huge passion to do what they do as it is such a pleasure to be involved in such a  positive transformation to people’s lives. By using this technique in combination with a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime, you can work towards a healthier version of yourself and can achieve phenomenal results that are aided by this novel innovation.

Although results are seen within 4 to 6 weeks, studies have shown that fat continues to be dissolved and removed by the body’s natural process some 6 months after treatment has been completed.

This is great for those stubborn areas of fat that you are finding difficult to move and it may be that perhaps you are beginning to lose motivation in your health regime, because you are struggling to find results purely with exercise and diet.

We look forward to offering you a new solution to helping you to achieve your personal health and weight goals.

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