How much do you know about Coolsculpting London?


Coolsculpting in London works by freezing all of the unwanted fat cells that you have in a variety of different areas of your body. Freezing causes them to shrink and die and, over the next six months, your body will be disposing of these cells naturally. You will not be able to see visible results right away, but you can notice a difference from four weeks onwards after your treatment is completed.

When you are having the treatment you will experience a cold sensation and the area that you are targeting is likely to go numb. A pulling sensation around the targeted fat cells may also be noticeable, but you should not experience any pain. There is no downtime needed for this treatment either, so you can easily fit your appointment into your day and carry on as normal afterwards.

It can improve several areas of your body

It is common for people to seek out Coolsculpting in London to help them reduce fat in multiple areas of the body, such as the arms, thighs and stomach, but it is also becoming increasingly popular for people to be using it to get rid of their double chin too. Having a double chin can make you appear much older, so having your chin treated can make you feel much more confident and younger-looking. It is also common for women who have recently had a baby to have Coolsculpting to help reduce their “muffin top” or “mummy tummy” that has been leftover from pregnancy.

Some areas of your body can seem impossible to get into shape, regardless of how many exercises you do and different types of diets that you try. This treatment can assist you in getting rid of fat in these areas, for example, your upper arms and back fat can be modified and shaped into a body that you love. There is an applicator specifically for targeting unwanted fat on the upper arms too but, due to its small size, it is quite versatile and can, therefore, be used on other areas of the body as well.

Maintaining your new body shape is easy

After you have had Coolsculpting in London you will not notice a difference right away. It takes time for your body to process the dead fat cells, so you will not be able to notice a visible difference in your body shape until around four to six weeks have passed. At around fourteen to sixteen weeks you can see more impressive results, but your body will continue to dispose of the cells for up to six months after your treatment has been completed.

Once your body has taken on its new shape, it is important that you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, as these things will help you to maintain your figure and reduce your chances of needing further treatment in the future. Some people will only have this treatment once in their life, whilst other people will have it several times, it all depends on your individual needs and circumstances, which can be discussed with your practitioner at your Coolsculpting consultation.

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